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Disney Surprises ‘Disenchanted’ Fans With Date Change

enchanted disenchanted

Princess Giselle and Enchanted enthusiasts have already been eagerly anticipating the Disney princess movie sequel that took 14 years to make, which is called Disenchanted and is finally coming to Disney+ for its big debut after lackluster reactions led to reshoots. Now, it looks like another change is coming — but this one might actually bring the movie to its fans sooner rather than ...

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The Notable Dolittles of Disney

Aurora with animals

Throughout the extensive history of Walt Disney Entertainment, we’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to multiple different kinds of talking animals. While some speaking creatures are able to converse due to having exceptional capabilities of their own, other animals remain within their normalized critter standards but find their voices, nevertheless, through onscreen interactions with some rather unique human companions. ...

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Enchanted’s Sequel Receives Mixed Reviews and Another Delay

disenchanted movie

The sequel to the 2007 Walt Disney Pictures movie Enchanted has kept fans waiting for almost 20 years — and even though the upcoming movie had finally started production and wrapped up filming in Ireland in 2021, it looks like Enchanted fans will still have to wait a little longer for the Disney princess sequel! The sequel, called Disenchanted, is now beginning reshoots after ...

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Here’s Exactly How to Be Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted For Halloween

With Enchanted’s sequel Disenchanted finally done filming and almost ready to be released, we’re guessing that lots of Disney Fanatics are going to start channeling their inner Princess Giselle for Halloween again! And what better way to copy the enchanting Amy Adams character than to dress up as her for the autumnal occasion?  Read on to learn how to get ...

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