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Pastor Attempted to Use Stolen Covid Relief Money to Buy Golden Oak Mansion

Disney Golden Oak

In the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort, there is a permanent resident community that is on many fans’ bucket lists: Golden Oak. This ultra-luxurious neighborhood is home to multi-million-dollar properties, but apparently, one of them appears to be on a list of several purchases bought by a Pastor and his son illegally. Recent reports show that Pastor Evan ...

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Disney Mansion Sells After Going on ‘Sale’ For $12 Million

disney real estate golden oak

It’s one thing to fantasize about living close to Walt Disney World Resort; it’s quite another to fantasize about living near Walt Disney World Resort in a mansion within a Disney community! One of the mansions in the Golden Oak Estates Disney neighborhood (a Disney community that requires an expensive Golden Oak Club membership) has just sold at a discounted ...

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9 Great Places to Live When You Retire and Move To Disney!

Celebration Florida

For a number of fortunate folks the idea of living in the heart of the greater Orlando area, in close proximity to Walt Disney World Resort no less, is more than just a pipe dream—it is a reality. With the fair central Florida weather conditions year-round, readily available Disney diversions just around the corner, and that energizing magic that makes ...

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