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New ‘Goofy Movie’ in the Works, Disney Actor Confirms

Disney Goofy

When it comes to Disney’s animated entourage of beloved characters, very few have been responsible for generations of laughter like Goofy has. Arguably the studio’s most versatile character, the dippy dog had a peak career in the ’90s thanks to his triumphant performance in A Goofy Movie (1995), but a recent interview shares that he’s far from finished. If you were a ...

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Goofy Renamed “Goofinder Singh” in an Indian Twist!

goofy disneyland paris bhangra

An old video of Goofy performing the Indian dance form Bhangra at Disneyland Paris resurfaced online, and fans are enjoying this new avatar of Goofy, renamed “Goofinder Singh.” The cultural vibrancy and diversity of Disney Parks around the world play a pivotal role in creating a unique and inclusive experience for fans from all walks of life. Whether it’s the enchanting ...

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Disney World Grandma Surprised with Special Kiss from Goofy

grandma birthday disney world

A sweet grandma was surprised with a birthday trip to Disney World, and she even got a special kiss from Goofy to celebrate! Celebrating an occasion like a birthday at a Disney Park—whether that’s Walt Disney World or Disneyland—is an experience to write home about. From enjoying the incredible offerings of rides and attractions and meeting your favorite characters to ...

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What Is the Deal With Walt Disney and “Kill Goofy”?

walt disney kill goofy

There has been a rumor for years now that Walt Disney used his last note to leave instructions to kill Goofy, but is there any truth to this? Did Walt Disney really hate the character so much? We at Disney Fanatic jumped in to get to work and answer these questions for you, our beloved Disney Fanatics. For years now, ...

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Former Cast Member Exposes “Goofy” Performers’ Secret

goofy disney character performer

It is no secret — at least in the Disney Fanatic community — that Disney character performers have some tough jobs in Disney theme parks worldwide. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort character performers or Cast Members have shared plenty of behind-the-scenes stories exemplifying their struggles, and the employees who portray fur characters like Goofy or Mickey Mouse have ...

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“Absolutely Horrifying” Guests Dub This “Innocent Ride” the Scariest Disney Attraction 

Goofy's Sky School Ride Vehicle

In the Walt Disney Company’s centenary year, a movement has been made to revisit the films and iconic animated characters that set the foundation for Disney’s multigenerational fandom. With classic shorts as the building blocks for Walt Disney Animated Studios, characters like Donald Duck, Chip n’ Dale, and Goofy are being revived in their roles from the early 1900s and ...

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5 Most Memorable Disney Movie Dads 

Goofy Movie

Disney movies range from featuring a famous Disney princess to taking the perspective of a clownfish. While each has a different lovable protagonist enchanting Disney audiences, they share a unique plot characteristic. Most of our favorite Disney characters have one parent—if they’re lucky. Family dynamics in Disney films might be descendants of the dark Brothers Grimm stories they originated from, ...

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Goofy Receives Unexpected Honor In South America


The classic Disney character known as Goofy might seemed to be outshined by more modern animated characters these days, such as Stitch, Pascal, and Bruno — but Goofy is still a fan-favorite among Disney enthusiasts, and a favorite among Disney Park guests who meet him, so it will not be too surprising to readers to learn that Goofy has just ...

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Where to Snag the Best Brunches at Disney World

Disney Brunch Cover

Breakfast has long been hailed as “the most important meal of the day,” but then there’s brunch. And it’s still a pretty big deal; at least it is at Walt Disney World Resort. Sure, the vast majority of Guests on vacation are not sleeping in, looking to get an early start and cram in as much magic as possible into ...

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