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Disney’s Misbehaving Guests Are Getting Their Own Documentary

stolen kingdom disney guests' behavior

It is no secret that Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests have been behaving terribly — and that bad behavior has extended to Disney Resorts on an international scale as well in Disney Resorts like Disneyland Paris Resort or Shanghai Disneyland Resort — so many Disney Fanatics will not be surprised to learn that such an unprecedented level ...

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Disney Guests Confess That They’ve Snuck Children Into Parks

family sneaks child in stroller to avoid disney prices

Disney Guests have been shockingly divided in recent months, as some Disney Guests have become disillusioned with their Disney experience in Walt Disney Company destinations like Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort while others have used their Disney vacations to descend further and further into inappropriate behavior (including fistfights and jumping onto Disney rides). Now, it seems like there ...

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Disney Park Struggles to Control Trespassing Guests

disney no trespassing sign

Disney Park Guests are at it again! We have seen Guests brawl in the streets of the Magic Kingdom, jump onto moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats, and openly harass Disney Cast Members during their days in Disney Parks. Unfortunately, it has become clear that this kind of unacceptable behavior has extended to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe, not ...

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Disney Bans Family After They Break ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rules

pirates ride disneyland ban

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Guests have certainly been putting Disney’s security teams and Disney’s Cast Members to the test recently, with everything from fistfights to abuse on their track record — but social media influencers have also been causing trouble, and one social-media-loving woman has been banned from Disneyland after exhibiting some shocking behavior on a classic Disney ...

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Disney Increases Crowd Control During Ride Evacuations

star wars cast members evacuation

Disneyland and Disney World Guests have been behaving more and more poorly in Disney Parks, and it looks like Walt Disney World Resort has started expanding its efforts to control the misbehaving crowds! This increase in Disney Resort crowd control forces was particularly noticeable during a recent Star Wars land ride breakdown in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area in the ...

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TikTokers Slam Family For Endangering Child

tiktok universal ride

It is no surprise for Disney Fanatic readers, these days, to learn that more and more Disney Resort Guests are misbehaving in Disney Parks across the globe. However, theme park Guests’ bad behavior apparently extends beyond the Disney Parks in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — and it is not just the average Disney Guest, but also Universal ...

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Guest Deliberately Interferes With ‘it’s a small world’ Boats

it's a small world

The “it’s a small world” boat ride that can be found in Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park (and Disneyland) is a classic Disney ride that — like many Disney rides in the theme park these days — seems to be attracting Disney Guests who demonstrate particularly rude behavior. In recent months, Disney Guests have done everything from fistfighting ...

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Guest Yells at Cast Member While Trying to Get into Disney Park

disney park guest

A Disney Park Guest recently had a meltdown and yelled at a Cast Member when they were stopped from entering a Disney Theme Park. The Disney Parks have changed in myriad ways over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, and likely the biggest of those has been the introduction of the Park reservation system. The Theme Parks are still undoubtedly ...

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(Don’t) Be Disney’s ‘Treasured Guest’

treasured guest disney

While visiting any Disney Park is an experience most of us would treasure dearly, one thing you never want is to be called a “Treasured Guest.” Visitors from around the world flock to the Disney Parks on the regular to get their daily dose of magic and happiness. In the Walt Disney World Resort alone, thousands of Guests travel within ...

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Guests Complain About Disney’s PhotoPass Services

disney photopass

The Walt Disney Company has faced plenty of ups and downs recently, with many Disney Guests being dissatisfied with their experiences in Disney Parks or Disney Resorts and even more Disney Guests causing said dissatisfaction by misbehaving (including abusing Cast Members, climbing Disney attractions, trespassing, and starting fistfights). Now, Disney Guests further abroad than Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland ...

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