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Guests Complain About Disney’s PhotoPass Services

disney photopass

The Walt Disney Company has faced plenty of ups and downs recently, with many Disney Guests being dissatisfied with their experiences in Disney Parks or Disney Resorts and even more Disney Guests causing said dissatisfaction by misbehaving (including abusing Cast Members, climbing Disney attractions, trespassing, and starting fistfights). Now, Disney Guests further abroad than Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland ...

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Guest Trespasses and Bathes Child in Disney Fountain

disneyland paris fountain disney guest behavior

Disney Guests have been continuing to flout Disney theme park rules and participate in forbidden activities (including breaking Disney property and starting fistfights), and the most recent infraction that Disney Park Guests have committed involves trespassing into a Disney fountain to bathe a child! In the TikTok video shown above, a Disneyland Paris adult Guest can be seen dipping ...

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Guest Ignores Rules and Climbs Pole in Disney Park

guest climbing bad behavior disneyland paris

Once again, a Disney Guest is misbehaving, breaking rules, damaging property, and engaging in dangerous behavior during a Disney vacation. A recent TikTok video has been posted showing a montage of photographs in which Disney Guests are not behaving admirably at Disneyland Paris, and one image shows a child climbing a Disney pole to a disturbingly high height. In the ...

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Cast Members Lash Out After Guest Breaks Disney Property

disney 3D glasses

With Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort Guests brawling in fistfights, climbing on attractions, and disrespecting Disney employees, it’s no wonder that many Disney Cast Members seem like they have had enough. One social media influencer recently shared a “hack” involving breaking Disney 3-D glasses during a Disney trip, and several Cast Members have spoken up ...

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Universal Adds Curfew After Fight Breaks Out

universal orlando fight curfew

The Disney Parks and Disney Resorts (particularly Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort) have had to contend with an unprecedented level of violence from Disney Guests in recent months — and apparently, Disney’s biggest competitor Universal Studios Orlando Resort is also struggling with the same problem! A large-scale fistfight recently broke out between juveniles at Universal Studios Orlando Resort ...

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Guests Fight Near ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

disneyland fight

The behavior of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Guests has worsened recently and has varied between mistreating Disney Cast Members, breaking Disney Park rules, and fistfighting. A brawl in the Magic Kingdom recently led to arrests and lifetime bans, and now another Disney Guest has started a fight — although this Guest’s motives might be a ...

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Guest Yells at Cast Member and Challenges Disney Dress Code

cast member kali river rapids

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disneyland Paris) Guests have been behaving increasingly badly in the Disney Parks and Resorts, breaking rules and fistfighting or yelling at Disney Cast Members. Now, yet another Walt Disney World Guest has behaved badly and unkindly towards a Cast Member — but this time, the Guest’s reaction involved the Disney ...

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Guest Violates Disney Rules During ‘Sword in the Stone’ Challenge

sword in the stone

Disney Guests have been breaking rules left and right lately in Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, whether they have been fist-fighting or yelling at Cast Members, and now another Walt Disney World Resort Guest has flagrantly broken a Disney regulation. Ironically, this recent misbehavior (which involved the Sword in the Stone in the Magic Kingdom) ...

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Cast Member Describes Daily Abuses From Disney Guests

splash mountain cast member

Any Disney fanatics who visit the Disney Parks in Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort often will know that Guests’ bad behavior in the Disney Parks seems to be at an all time high. We have reported on multiple fights between Guests, including a particularly disturbing brawl in the Magic Kingdom that led to arrests and lifetime bans, but ...

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Three Ways to Ruin a Disney Park Ride for Everyone

What not to do at a Disney Park

Whether one is at The Most Magical Place On Earth or The Happiest Place On Earth, there are several ways that Guest behavior can quickly kill the happiness and magic of a Disneyland or Disney World experience. It does not matter if that Guest is an Annual Passholer who visits the Parks every weekend or someone visiting for the first ...

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