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Disney Guest Justifies Selling Her Kids’ “Little Souls” For VIP Tour Experience


Disney has recently faced some criticism from the luxury high-end magazine called Town & Country in the form of an article by writer Danielle Stein Chizzik, but Chizzik also had some interesting insights when it came to the value of pricier Disney offerings that could enhance the customer experience! In the February 2023 issue of Town & Country, writer Chizzik described Walt ...

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Luxury Magazine Labels Disney As a Place for “Waiting, Whining, and Abysmal Food”


It will be no surprise to many Disney fans that Walt Disney World Resort theme parks have sunk somewhat lower in their visitors’ minds in recent months. Rising prices, constantly-malfunctioning rides, underpaid Cast Members, and violent or unruly Guests have all caused Disney fans’ enthusiasm to wane, even after former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger returned from his (somewhat) ...

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Disney CEO Faces Backlash From His Own Fans


Last summer, the average Disney Parks and Disney Resorts fan might have said that the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek was their least favorite Disney employee — and many Disney fans would also have danced with glee upon learning that, in just a few weeks, there would be an upheaval at the Walt Disney Company that would oust Bob ...

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Celebrity Visit Leads To Attack On Disney World


We have seen many celebrities (Disney-affiliated or otherwise) visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in recent months — including an Emily in Paris star, the supermodel Gisele, a Christmas crooner, and a Disney princess from the Desperate Housewives television show — but when one celebrity recently visited Walt Disney World Resort and participated in the Candlelight Processional as a Narrator, the visit ...

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‘Star Wars’ Fan Complains After Bizarre Cast Member Interaction


There have been a staggering amount of complaints coming from Disney Resort and Disney Park Guests in recent months. Some complaints have been aimed towards rides that are in disrepair or constantly breaking down, Disney leadership (i.e. Bob Chapek), or the overall lack of Disney magic — but some complaints have been focused on negative experiences with Disney Cast Members. ...

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Fans Attack Minnie Mouse For Denying Child’s Hug


Even though some Disney fans still maintain that the Disney magic is alive and well, there have been many naysayers who feel that the Disney magic is gone (and this poll reportedly has the data to prove it). Now, a disappointed Disney parent has shared another scene where Disney seems to be lacking in its usual charm: Character Meet and ...

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Disney Cruise Passengers Complain About “Awkward” Tipping Process


If you have ever been on a cruise like a Disney cruise or Royal Caribbean cruise instead of a land-based vacation or trip, then you already know that there are some big differences between the two types of experiences. When it comes to Disney Cruise Line cruise vacations on ships like the newly-christened Disney Wish cruise ship, there is apparently ...

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Guests Complain About “Ridiculous” Number of Ride Breakdowns


One of the biggest factors in many Disney fans’ Disney vacation days involves how they are spending their valuable Disney time. Unfortunately, these days, it seems like that time is being wasted more and more: Disney rides are breaking down and malfunctioning at a shockingly-frequent level, and Disney World or Disneyland Guests have absolutely noticed! In a conversation on the ...

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