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Disney Guests Feel Stifled After Loss of Essential Amenity

Canada on fire

It’s no secret that The Walt Disney Company hasn’t been in the best financial state in the past few years, so it comes as no surprise to hear that Disney guests are complaining about the worsening quality of the company’s theme parks… In a conversation on the website Reddit, several Walt Disney World Resort guests began complaining about the Disney ...

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Guest Accuses Disney of “Dehumanizing” Ride Passengers


Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are meant to be all about the classic “Disney magic” that The Walt Disney Company is known for. However, Disney’s reputation has taken a plummet recently as the Disney parks become synonymous with “waiting, whining, and abysmal food” (as one journalist put it), and that highlight known as Disney magic often seems scarce ...

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Fans Share Complaints About Guests Filming in Disney Parks

guests looking at phone, star wars galaxys edge in hollywood studios

As each day is expected to begin with the sun rising in the east, each Disney park day is expected to have guests recording on their smartphones. And it apparently continues to be a major annoyance for many Disney Fanatics who are looking to live in the moment. Recently, one fan took to the Disney World subreddit asking the question, ...

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Guests Complain As ‘Star Wars:’ Galaxy’s Edge Ride Languishes in Disrepair

Daisy Ridley on Star Wars

Disney may be an entertainment empire, but that doesn’t mean that each Disney ride is up to the typical standards associated with the company… Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a popular Hollywood Studios area with more than one appealing attraction—but not everybody thinks it will remain popular these days because the ride is apparently in some visible distress! In a ...

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Fans Accuse Disneyland of “Murder” Via Classic Ride

Disney Fans Call Matterhorn Unbearable

Guests are reporting backaches and neck pain on a classic Disney ride — and according to some Disneyland fans, the aches and pains caused by this ride border on murderous! The Disneyland ride known as Matterhorn Bobsleds is a classic Disneyland theme park roller coaster that has existed for more than 60 years (and that became Disneyland’s first thrill ride). ...

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“This Is Absolutely Not What I Signed Up For” – Disney Guest Faces Backlash After Complaining

disney world guest complaints

Walt Disney World guest complaints aren’t unheard of. In fact, considering Disney guests pay so much for what can sometimes be a subpar experience, many of us can even sympathize with guest complaints…That being said, this complaint may have reached the wrong audience… Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort guests often have high expectations when it comes to their ...

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Are Disney Fireworks Approaching Extinction? Fans Say Yes

Disney Fireworks

These days, the attractions and spectacles that are associated with Disney vacations (particularly at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort) seem to be ever-changing. Traditional forms of Disney and theme park entertainment are shifting position in some Disney Guests’ priority lists as new roller coasters and high-tech offerings take hold — and fireworks-loving Disney fans have most certainly noticed! ...

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Beloved Children’s Show Incites Controversy After Potentially-Harmful Scene

bluey show

If you ask Disney fans about their favorite Disney roller coasters, Disney movies, or Disney Princesses, then you’re bound to get a wide variety of answers. However, if you ask Disney fans about their favorite currently-airing children’s shows, there is one show that seems to come up consistently as an answer: Bluey! If you’ve been living under a rock in terms ...

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Tram Crash Leaves Disneyland Guests Sore and Angry

disneyland trams

One Disneyland guest’s simple question revealed a distressing incident that happened on Sunday night, leaving many Disneyland visitors feeling disgruntled and leaving Disney’s guest relations in a temporary bind! “Anyone know why the trams stopped running?” a Disneyland guest asked curiously in the Reddit post shown below. An Ominous “Thud” The Disneyland guest explained that they were “walking into world ...

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Disney World Guests Demand Refunds Due to Excessive Ride Breakdowns

disney ride breakdowns

Even though many Disney Fanatics associate Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention the international Disney resorts) with “Disney magic,” the fact remains that Disney theme parks are, in fact, theme parks like any other. This means that they also suffer from ride breakdowns, malfunctions, and unexpected closures like any other theme park attractions do (regardless of ...

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