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10 Monumental Facts About Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents has always been one of my favorite places to cool down and unwind in the Magic Kingdom. Besides having low wait times and a convenient location in Liberty Square, the Hall of Presidents has plenty more to offer when it comes to the history of our nation’s leaders. Here are 10 Monumental Facts about this fabulous ...

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8 Experiences that Have Been Losing Popularity At Disney World

Let’s face it, there are a few attractions that people just don’t believe are worth their time. They walk right by them and don’t ever add them into their plans. Their popularity is diminishing, and it’s obvious to see. I’m not here to join the crowd and rag on these rides and attractions. No, instead I’m here to make you ...

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10 Disney Experiences You May Want To Skip

Living With The Land

When it comes to Disney World, there’s too much to do and too little time. Trying to spread your vacation out into four different theme parks – and possibly the two water parks – it’s hard for us to accept that there will be things we won’t have time to do. For a Disney vacation, prioritization is key. Pick the ...

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16 Marvelous Disney World Facts

Walt Disney World Sign

Disney World is an incredible place and that’s mostly because of the attention to detail. You’ll be amazed how much planning and strategy they put into everything they do! We’ve got 10 facts about Disney that’ll blow your mind. Enjoy! 1. The glittering Prince Charming Regal Carousel in Magic Kingdom was originally in Detroit, Mich. followed by Maplewood, N.J. Walt ...

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20 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney Parks

Princess Castle

Hey there Disney fans!  We’ve found some trivia to entertain you. 1. None of the shops in Disney World sell gum, which is why you never see any stuck to the rides or sidewalks. 2. Despite the fact that it’s illegal, several people attempt to spread the ashes of the deceased on Disney rides every year. 3. Devices called Smellitizers can be ...

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