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Video: One-Legged Comedian Becomes Thor’s Hammer for Halloween

One-Legged Comedian Disney Costume

Halloween has come and gone, and with it, another round of interesting costumes. But before we close the chapter on this year’s spooky season, there is one costume story this writer feels is worth sharing. John Sundquist, a comedian and Paralympian, makes the most out of the fact that he only has one leg, and his costume choices are proof ...

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Here’s Exactly How To Be Sleeping Beauty For Halloween

aurora sleeping beauty briar rose disney princess

While Halloween is the ideal time for dramatic costumes and heavy makeup, some Disney Fanatics might prefer to wear something a bit more classic or understated. If you want to reference a Disney princess without spending money on a ballgown and without investing lots of time in your Halloween costume, then Sleeping Beauty (also known as Princess Aurora) is the ...

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Here’s Exactly How To Be Briar Rose For Halloween


If your first thought upon hearing the name “Briar Rose” was about the briar patches in Splash Mountain, then you may not know that Briar Rose is actually the name of Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty–or at least, it’s the name she has while living undercover in a forested glen with three fairies! After meeting Prince Philip and returning to ...

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Here’s Exactly How to Be Snow White For Halloween

Snow White and Prince

Ah, Snow White. The classic Disney princess. At fourteen years old, Snow White is the youngest Disney princess, and yet (since her movie came out in 1937) she’s also the oldest. An odd predicament for sure! But no matter how old or young Snow White is, this Disney princess is undeniably recognizable. If you want to pay homage to the ...

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Here’s Exactly How To Be Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother For Halloween

We’ve already given you the exact makeup, hair, and costume tutorials to be Cinderella, her Prince Charming, the wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine, or Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters for Halloween (not to mention Belle, Rapunzel, Merida, Aurora, Elizabeth Swann, Dr. Lily Houghton from the new Jungle Cruise movie, and Giselle from Enchanted!), but there’s one more Cinderella character who would be perfect ...

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Cute Disney Dogs: Costume Edition

Feeling excited about Halloween? Or, perhaps your dog has a dress-up trunk (like any typical non-fur child would, right?) and you’re looking for your next purchase for it. Either way, animals in clothing is a top 5 cute thing to look up on the Internet, wouldn’t you agree? There’s no better way to infuse a smile or laugh into your ...

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Here’s Exactly How to Be Disney’s Maleficent For Halloween

We’ve already shown you how to be a glamorous, eclectic, masculine, tomboyish, or feminine Disney character for Halloween–but now we’ve got the costume tutorial for a character who is all of the above! Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie, is a fascinating character who manages to be feminine and glamorous in her appearance, standoffish and sometimes awkward when it comes to ...

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Wearing An Intense Costume For Halloween? Here’s How To Protect Your Skin For the Night, According to Disney and Marvel Actors

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re a Disney Fanatic in the mood to wear something Disney or Marvel-themed, it’s safe to say that there are some pretty dramatic costume options. We’ve got easier and lower-maintenance options for you too (like this one, this one, or this one!), but if you’re determined to wear a strong costume with lots of ...

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Disney Springs Fills Its Menus With Fall Flavors

Welcome to autumn everyone! We’re already feeling more drawn to things that are comfy, orange, or cozy–and if you still need help choosing a Halloween costume, we’ve got several suggestions ranging from tomboyish to glamorous to complicated! If you’re lucky enough to be at Disney Springs this October, be sure to really take your time with meals–because Disney has just ...

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11 Wickedly Cute Disney Halloween Costumes For Kids

Disney Costumes

Halloween.  The one day of the year that your child is encouraged to blissfully frolic about their neighborhood on a quest for endless sugar while adorning a costume they’d probably just as happily wear around the house anyway (unless you insist on dressing them up as, say, a rotisserie chicken…then that last sentiment just won’t apply to you).  As Disney ...

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