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Harmony Has Been Restored in EPCOT: Controversial Disney Attraction Officially Demolished 

Harmonious Show

Walt Disney World rarely misses the mark when it comes to aesthetically-pleasing attractions. With manicured Mickey Mouse lawns, perfectly-plumped Resort pillowcases, and pristine Park pathways, it’s rare to get a peek behind Disney’s tightly-drawn curtain. One particularly innovative Disney Park—EPCOT—takes the crown for meticulous details. Imported pieces from global destinations adorn EPCOT’s World Showcase, and Spaceship Earth marks the center ...

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PHOTOS: EPCOT ‘Harmonious’ Barges Get Demolished

EPCOT Fireworks

It’s finally happening! The barges are coming down, and those Disney fans who loathed the very sight of them sitting in World Showcase Lagoon can now revel in the sight of their demise. Aerial photographs shared on Twitter by @bioreconstruct show the demolishing process underway “backstage.” The half-oval projectors have been stripped and separated from the core of the firework-launching ...

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First Look: EPCOT’s New Fireworks Spectacular!

EPCOT's continual evolution

When the last sparks fly on the night of April 2, 2023, Harmonious will officially end its tenure at EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon, along with Disney Enchantment Over at Magic Kingdom Park. While a return run of EPCOT forever was announced, it will only remain as a filler show while Walt Disney Imagineering gets a brand new epic spectacular ready. ...

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Everything That is Supposed to Open at Disney World This Year and When

Everything Opening feature image

Keeping up with all of the latest Disney news regarding closures, renovations, and openings throughout the various Disney Resort and Park locations around the world can be a bit of a challenge. Doesn’t it just seem like the Walt Disney Company always has a ton of irons in the fire at any given time? And so many times the plans ...

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Fans Celebrate As Disney Announces Removal Of ‘Harmonious’ Eyesores


Since Walt Disney World Resort is typically known for maintaining a seamless and well-groomed experience in the Disney Parks for its Guests — or, at least, it used to be — there are rarely any eyesores to be found in the Disney Parks in broad daylight. However, one show in the EPCOT Disney Park, called Harmonious, did have some eyesores ...

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Disney Confirms End Date for “Harmonious,” Return of “EPCOT Forever”

Epcot Fireworks Closing Date

Last year, Disney Parks announced that a brand new nighttime spectacular would be coming to EPCOT later in 2023, retiring the current Disney fireworks resident of World Showcase Lagoon, Harmonious, and its massive fireworks platform barges. But speculation of when the retirement would take place was a mystery until now. Disney announced on the morning of January 10 that its ...

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Disney World Appears Set To Retire Heavily Criticized Show Soon

harmonious permanent closure

One of Walt Disney World’s newer shows appears set to be permanently retired in early spring of next year, per an update from the My Disney Experience app. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are renowned for being the perfect destinations for a Disney vacation when it comes to the Central Florida Resort. Think many a ride ...

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Was Harmonious Designed Specifically for Extra-Cost Dessert Parties?

EPCOT Fireworks

EPCOT’s nighttime spectacular, Harmonious, is said to be on its last leg, and fans wait for yet another brand new show to take over World Showcase Lagoon each night. But was this highly-anticipated show designed and choreographed specifically with the extra-cost dessert parties in mind? One of the fans on the Disney World subreddit points out this potential conspiracy theory, ...

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These Are the Things You MUST Do When Visiting EPCOT

Epcot Must-Do Cover

EPCOT is, without a doubt, the most versatile of all the Parks at Walt Disney World Resort. In fact, it really feels like multiple different parks—multiple worlds, really—all located in a larger, more encompassing Disney Park. This makes it a destination where there is just so much to see, do, and experience across the board. Because of this, you may ...

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Video: EPCOT Daytime Show Finally Comes to Life

EPCOT Fountain Show

When Disney Parks Experiences and Products announced the creation of a brand new nighttime spectacular at EPCOT called HarmonioUS, they also promised a brand new daytime show featuring a fountain display in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon. Related: Mickey Mouse Stage Show Sparks ‘Disney Adult’ Dance Mob “These show elements will become a defining feature of EPCOT,” said Zach ...

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