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Crowds Vanish at Disney Resort, Hurricane NOT Involved

Disneyland low wait times

Walt Disney World has just barely dodged a massive hurricane churning through the northwest coast of Florida. While this noticeably wreaked havoc on the theme park’s attendance for the week, Disney World is now looking at another beloved park and asking, “What’s your excuse?” Hurricane Destroys Disney World Attendance Hurricane Idalia struck Florida on Wednesday morning as a Category 4 ...

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Disney Cast Members Are Literally Spraying Guests With Hoses to Battle Heat

Disney heat

Most people have heard about the record-shattering temperatures plaguing the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida this summer. However, the intense heat is not only causing problems at the Orlando theme park location right now. Across Disney’s many global Parks and Resorts, Cast Members are trying unique and effective ways to combat the extreme summer heat. August Is Disney’s Hottest ...

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What NOT to Wear When Visiting Disney Parks

What not to Wear cover feature

By now, most folks probably already know that the Walt Disney Company has a dress code in place for folks visiting Disney Parks. Most of the enforced rules and restrictions are pretty commonsense no-brainer requests, like not wearing shirts that contain obscenities or uses offensive language or not allowing Guests to don revealing clothing that’s unsuitable to a wholesome, family-friendly ...

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Have You Ever Had the ‘Disney Rash’? Here’s What to Know

Disney Rash Cover Image

These days everyone is more mindful than ever before about “mysterious rashes” popping up on the skin. Perhaps you yourself have even experienced the anxiety of having one come about suddenly. And it’s even worse when such instances happen to you right when you’re in the middle of a vacation to either Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland ...

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10 Tips For Surviving The Heat During Summer at Disney Parks

Castle balloons

During the Summer months, a Disney parks vacation means having to deal with large crowds and heat. While Olaf may not have had much experience with heat, many Disney insiders have and know the ins and outs of handling what can ultimately ruin a good vacation. While it’s best to avoid the Summer months altogether, it’s often the best opportunity ...

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8 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World


Walking around Walt Disney World on a summer day feels about as close as you can get to sitting on the surface of the sun. The sweltering heat and stifling humidity is ready and waiting to reduce you into a living and breathing sweat puddle, sluggishly inching your way from one attraction to the next. Odds are if you’ve vacationed ...

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