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Original ‘Indiana Jones Spectacular’ Stuntman Meets Indy at ‘Dial of Destiny’ Premiere

Kevin Brassard Indiana Jones

They say, “Don’t meet your heroes,” but an encounter from Wednesday night’s Dial of Destiny premiere would state otherwise. For 34 years, Hollywood Studios has hosted eager Disney Guests gathering to watch their favorite heroic archaeologist circumvent boobie traps from depicted scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Of course, Harrison Ford was on movie sets around the globe throughout the ...

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NEW: Disney Announces Holiday Hard-Ticket Event at Hollywood Studios

Jollywood Nights Poster

It may be halfway to the holidays, but Disney is getting ready to deck the Hollywood halls. Disney Guests can’t get enough of the world-famous spotlights surrounding Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and Disney is turning up the voltage for an exclusive new holiday event at Hollywood Studios. With a few traditions and many new festivities, this glam yuletide event will be ...

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Disney Axes Hollywood Studios Show Without Explanation

Chinese Theater Show

Although EPCOT is the land of innovation at the Walt Disney World Resort, another Park is arguably tasked with the most pressure to evolve. Formerly MGM Studios and the hub for all things Hollywood, Hollywood Studios has the challenge of maintaining classic Hollywood appeal while incorporating modern movies the kids and future generations love. As massive Park expansions like the ...

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“This Is Inclusion, Not Erasure” Modern Ariel Meets an Adorable “Ariel” in Disney Park

Little Ariel Meet-and-Greet

Not a moment after the reimagined version of The Little Mermaid hit worldwide theaters, Disney Parks around the globe introduced the modern Ariel to the Parks. With over two-hour queues to see Halle Bailey’s likeness in Ariel at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris, the initial reception was promising for the newest princess on the block. Despite some lukewarm ...

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If You’re Afraid Of The Disney Skyliner, Read This!

Disney's Skyliner over Caribbean Beach Resort

What’s your favorite ride in Disney World? Maybe it’s scream-singing along to Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. You also could be the type of person who thinks “it’s a small world” is the best ride to ever exist. Heck, maybe you are someone who absolutely hates rides and is just there for fireworks, parades and corn dog nuggets. We ...

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What To Do if You Can’t Get a Reservation to Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Sketch art for Disney's Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Walt Disney World has a brand new restaurant opening up this week on March 23, 2023. It is none other than Roundup Rodeo BBQ located in Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This restaurant features you guessed it- barbecue food and is based on the beloved Toy Story franchise. Now with any new restaurant opening in the Walt Disney ...

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Hidden Facts and Secret Finds Showcased in Walt Disney Presents at Hollywood Studios

Cover for Walt Disney Presents

Guests come out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a number of reasons. The “newness” of Toy Story Land continues to draw folks to this particular section of the Park, then, of course, there’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has also become a new must-do experience in recent years. And let’s not forget about all those other ...

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Disney Park Plunged Into Darkness After Reported Power Surge

disney park dark

In the latest story of another Disney Park mishap, reportedly a Walt Disney World Theme Park was enveloped in darkness after a power surge. The Disney Parks have had a lot of reports of ride breakdowns, questionable occurrences, inclement weather, and harsh storms lately. Here’s yet another one. Related: Tomorrowland Attraction at Disney World Under Water Over the weekend, Guests ...

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Guide: Walking to Walt Disney World Parks from the Resorts


“A leisurely stroll is a gift.” — Saving Mr. Banks Walt Disney World Resort spans an impressive grand total of 27,000 acres of land, covering well over 40-some square miles in all. Making up its elaborate composition are four world-famous theme parks, two wonderful water parks, various other property-based Disney designations, and more than 20 different resort properties. The latter ...

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A Vegan’s Guide to Disney World Theme Parks

Vegan food

Now more than ever before, people everywhere are opting for vegan food options. Even those who are not entirely vegan themselves sometimes have alternate reasons for why they may seek out lighter, better-for-you ways to eat. Because Walt Disney World Resort plays host to such a versatile food scene, you may rest assured that by coming here, whatever dietary specifications ...

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