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Will Smith Makes Disney Comeback With $842 Million Franchise

Will Smith Genie Aladdin

Will Smith fans were delighted to discover that a beloved action franchise has made a triumphant return to Disney. Amidst the excitement surrounding Will Smith’s return to the Disney fold, it’s hard to ignore the shadow cast by the fallout from the 2022 Oscars ceremony. Smith’s altercation with comedian Chris Rock sent shockwaves through Hollywood and beyond, leading to his ...

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Disney Continues on Password Sharing Crackdown Across Platforms

hulu password sharing crackdown

The password-sharing crackdown that streaming services have been enforcing is coming to Disney-owned Hulu soon! The Walt Disney Company has been taking many steps over the last year to get its act together and clean up the mess the company found itself in at the end of 2022. Now that it’s been over a year since the massive clean-up process ...

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Disney+ Hulu Merger Just Gave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Massive Cause for Celebration!

grey's anatomy disney hulu

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans have a lot to celebrate and be excited about, per a recent announcement from Disney; recent reports lead us to believe that the long-standing and highly acclaimed show will be returning—in its entirety—available to stream on the newly merged Disney+ and Hulu app! One of the most notable things that sets the Walt Disney Company apart from ...

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Rumor: Disney Purchases ‘The Sopranos’

The Sopranos Disney+

As The Walt Disney Company battles a rough year regarding box office performance and streaming failures, a rumor involving the hit series The Sopranos and Disney has emerged. Social media has begun to talk about Disney purchasing The Sopranos IP and is planning multiple projects around it, including a sequel film and several series for Hulu. Let’s fact-check this claim. ...

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Disney Picks Another Fight With A Cable Company With Billions and Hulu’s Future at Stake

Disney/Comcast can't agree on a Hulu price

Disney is having a bit of a public relations problem. On the weekend college football started, they pulled ESPN from the 14.5 million households with Charter Communications, causing them to miss the entire weekend of games. With the NFL about to start, the Walt Disney Company and Spectrum are no closer to a deal, and customers are angry with both ...

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Disney’s Shameless Plug to Angry Spectrum Customers: “There’s Hulu+ Live TV!”

Disney Hulu Live TV

The Walt Disney Company angered many people late last week when it decided to pull all its programming from Charter Communication’s Spectrum TV cable provider. The company would do well not to trigger these customers further, particularly sports fans who had to go without ESPN channels this weekend. However, Disney couldn’t help itself. With negotiations ongoing and no end in ...

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Disney+ Isn’t Disney’s Only Struggling Streamer

Paramount Plus Outperforming Hulu

It’s been almost four years since The Walt Disney Company launched its streaming platform, Disney+. And for nearly all of those four years, Disney+ has appeared to be nothing but a headache for the studio giant. Many flocked to Disney+ in the months after the streamer’s launch, with the pandemic boosting subscriber numbers. Unfortunately, Disney was never able to maintain ...

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Disney Spent a Ridiculous Amount of Money to Remove Streaming Content

Disney streaming costs

The Walt Disney Company’s recent earnings call is an interesting beast to dismantle. While CEO Bob Iger paints a picture of intense upward trajectories and profits, some wild costs are hidden amongst the business jargon and self-praise. Remember that time a few months back when Disney purged a bunch of content from its streaming platforms? Yeah, that was a shockingly ...

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