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Chapek Reveals Future Plan for Streaming Services

chapek hulu

Apparently, Disney does not just have its eye on a potential upcoming Walmart streaming service; the Walt Disney Company and Disney CEO Bob Chapek are also interested in getting more involved with Hulu! Hulu is a streaming service that is owned by Comcast and is still technically separate from the Disney streaming service known as Disney+. However, many subscription plans ...

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Walmart Sets Its Sights on Disney+

walmart disney+

Streaming services have been a groundbreaking development in the world of entertainment — and apparently, Walmart wants a piece of the pie. According to the¬†New York Times, Walmart is making a play for its own streaming platform or streaming “bundle” arrangement, and one of the company’s desired partners is Disney+! Walmart might be best known as a large grocery store ...

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Disney Surpasses Netflix Subscriber Numbers

Disney Plus Netflix Subscribers

After less than five years, The Walt Disney Company has officially surpassed streaming giant Netflix in the number of subscribers. The company announced during its third-quarter earnings call that it officially recorded over 221 million subscribers worldwide across its services, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ Hotstar, while Netflix recently reported 220.67 million subscribers after losing nearly 1 million subscribers over ...

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‘Prey’ Teaser Trailer Is Released

prey hulu

Many Disney fans will associate the Walt Disney Company with cheerful Disney princesses, fairies like Tinker Bell, and endearing animated characters. However, since 20th Century Studios is under Disney’s umbrella, some unexpectedly dark or violent films are coming from Disney — and the next 20th Century Studios action-packed thriller, Prey, definitely fits the bill! Prey¬†is the newest installment in the ...

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Violent ‘Princess’ Movie Is Coming to Disney+

joey king princess

A new 20th Century Studios film called The Princess is coming to Disney+ and Hulu this summer, and it’s going to be very different from typical Disney+ princess fare! This new fairy tale film stars Kissing Booth¬†actress Joey King, who plays a “strong-willed princess”. The princess refuses to marry her betrothed, a “cruel sociopath”, resulting in a kidnapping. However, even ...

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Celebrating Earth Day? Disney Recommends What to Watch

disney+ earth day greta thunberg

Earth Day is coming up, and D23 has shared its recommended Disney+ and Hulu content for nature lovers to enjoy! Watch these nature documentaries about wildlife and climate change activists to be educated about the animal kingdom and inspired for Earth Day! If the idea of a “little town” that’s a “quiet village” in the countryside makes you long for ...

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‘The Full Monty’ Cast Reunites for Disney+ Reboot

the full monty

Fans of the cult-favorite film The Full Monty (a 1997 British comedy film about a group of unemployed men in Sheffield who decide to start their own Chippendales act) can rejoice: the classic comedy is getting a reboot with the original cast! The BAFTA-winning film is, unfortunately, not on Disney+ for you to enjoy (and if it was, Disney’s more ...

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Thank You Hilary Duff For Saving Lizzie McGuire

hilary duff

Thank you Hilary Duff for saving Lizzie McGuire…and How I Met Your Mother…and Sex and the City. Hilary Duff is an icon of television, who has been essentially saving reboots for the entirety of the decade single-handedly. Since the premiere of Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire on January 12, 2001, which launched her career and paved the way for her expansion ...

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Disney Streaming Update: NBCUniversal Ends Content Ties with Hulu


Starting later this year, Hulu subscribers will no longer have access to content under the NBCUniversal umbrella, and high-level shows like Saturday Night Live¬†will fully move “in-house” to Peacock. While the news comes without an official statement, “multiple people familiar with the decision” have confirmed the news to Deadline,¬†stating that the transition will take effect in September. Deadline¬†shared that shows ...

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