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Universal Faces More Show Cancellations After Hurricane Ian

universal orlando horror nights

Hurricane Ian did a lot of damage in the state of Florida, affecting the lives of Florida residents, plenty of Florida property, and at least one unexpected Walt Disney World Resort ride. However, Disney’s direct competitor Universal Orlando Resort also faced some negative effects from Hurricane Ian (which also became tropical storm Ian) — and apparently, the damage is bad ...

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Hurricane Ian Removes Evidence of Everest ‘Ritual’

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Hurricane Ian has certainly left its mark on the state of Florida and Florida residents (as well as residents in nearby states located in southeastern America). During the hurricane and tropical storm, we saw Disney Cast Members rise to the occasion, theme parks working to quickly assess damage to rides or attractions, establishments like Orlando International Airport working hard to ...

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VIDEO: Disney World Guest Braved Hurricane Ian for Solo Ride

disney world big thunder mountain

Disney Guests are some of the most committed fans, and one proved that when they stayed behind to go solo on a ride even as the threat of Hurricane Ian loomed. The Walt Disney World Resort holds its own as one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation. Whichever Theme Park you pick within the ...

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Disney Character Comforts Children During Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian country bear jamboree

Hurricane Ian caused a wide variety of damage and danger in the state of Florida (and beyond) recently as the hurricane and tropical storm threatened Florida residents and Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Orlando Resort Guests’ safety. However, some Disney magic was still present during the hurricane — so much so that at least one Disney Fairy Tale Wedding ...

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This Disney-Loving Couple Tied the Knot Despite Hurricane Ian

hurricane ian disney wedding

Hurricane Ian created dangers and challenges for many Florida residents in the past week, with the hurricane leading to flooding and ride damage in Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando International Airport closures, and shelter-in-place situations for Disney Resort Guests (who were treated to some classic Disney character company during the stressful time). However, some stormy weather was apparently not enough ...

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ANOTHER Disney Resort Faces Hurricane Ian Today

Disney Hilton Head Hurricane

Hurricane Ian may be clear of Florida and Walt Disney World, but it looks like it could impact another Disney Resort: Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. Related: The Walt Disney Company Issues Statement on Recent Hurricanes The Disney Vacation Club Beach Resort on Hilton Head, South Carolina, posted the following notice on its website, “Beginning Friday, Sept. 30, all resort ...

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Universal Studios Confirms Parks’ Status, Halloween Horror Nights Tonight

Universal Studios Reopening

Universal Orlando Resort has finally confirmed when it will be able to let Guests back into its Theme Parks, Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure, as well as the status of its after-hours extra-ticked Halloween party, “Halloween Horror Nights.” The statement reads, “We’re happy to share that our Halloween Horror Nights event will open this evening, Friday, Sept. 30, ...

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Cast Members Get Disney World Back on its Feet After Hurricane Ian

cast members hurricane ian

Now that Hurricane Ian has left Southwest Florida and Central Florida, the Disney Parks are assessing damage and cleaning up in the aftermath, and Cast Members are at the center of that effort. When the storm was making its way over the Walt Disney World Resort area, many  Disney Guests took to social media to express their appreciation for the ...

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The Walt Disney Company Issues Statement on Recent Hurricanes

Disney Statement Hurricane

As we close out the month of September, we close out several weeks of intense tropical weather that saw Hurricane Fiona tear through the Eastern Caribbean, Bermuda, and Canada’s Maritime Provinces and saw Hurricane Ian rip through Cuba and clear across the State of Florida. While the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida was lucky to come out of ...

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