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Lauren Ridloff Shares Some ‘Eternals’ Sign Language

lauren ridloff

The Marvel Studios movie Eternals may have only received middling reviews after its premieres in theaters and on Disney+, but some Marvel fans still have chosen favorites out of the Celestials who make up the Eternals ensemble in the movie. Makkari, the deaf Celestial whose superpower is super-speed, has become a fan favorite — and Lauren Ridloff, the actor who plays Makkari, ...

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To Watch or Not to Watch: ‘Eternals’ Comes to Disney+

Lots of Marvel fans might have already seen the new Marvel Studios movie Eternals during its theatrical release — but if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and are considering giving it a try now that the movie has been released on Disney+, then here’s what to know when deciding if Eternals should be your Wednesday night movie pick! First of all, ...

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Kit Harington’s “Eternals” Character Leaves Marvel Fans Guessing

kit harington

If you’re a Disney fanatic who dabbles in Marvel movies but didn’t really pay attention to the Avengers, then Marvel’s Eternals is a new movie that will allow you to fit right in with other confused members of the audience–at least when it comes to one particular character! Kit Harington, the English actor who starred in Game of Thrones, plays ...

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Spoiler Alert: The New “Eternals” Movie’s Plot Twist Will Leave You Breathless

Be warned: spoilers for Eternals are ahead! The new Marvel Studios movie Eternals (directed by Chloé Zhao) has been highly-anticipated by both Disney fans and Marvel fans, and while the movie’s overall style means that it may not necessarily be as worthy of a theater ticket as previous movies in the Marvel universe, its storyline about immortal aliens protecting humanity ...

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Richard Madden and Kit Harington Have A Sweet “Game of Thrones” Moment During Marvel’s “Eternals” Press Tour


Marvel fans and Disney fans have been having a great time observing the “Eternals” press tour that’s underway for the new Marvel Studios movie, and even though most of the attention has been on the women’s red carpet appearances, we’ve also seen some cute or charming moments from the cast members that are men! Many fans of Games of Thrones, ...

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