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‘Speed Racer’, ‘Indiana Jones’ Actor And His Two Young Daughters Killed In Plane Crash

Christian Oliver and His Two Young Daughters Killed In Plane Crash

Actor Christian Oliver and his two young daughters were killed in a plane crash near a small, private island in the Caribbean, according to police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The crash occurred just west of Petit Nevis island near Bequia as the plane headed for nearby St. Lucia, police said in a statement. Besides Oliver, 51, his two ...

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‘Indiana Jones’ Finds Massive Success After Box Office Fiasco

Indiana Jones vod

It is well established that Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has had a lackluster showing at the global box office during its theatrical run. However, the title recently claimed a victory after launching for video-on-demand (VOD) digital release download and rental on August 29. Indiana Jones 5′s Box Office Flop Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ...

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‘Sound of Freedom’ Officially Passes ‘Indiana Jones’ In Domestic Box Office, Trolls Rejoice

'Sound of Freedom' passes 'Indiana Jones' in domestic box office

Without a doubt, the surprise hit of the summer is Sound of Freedom (2023). The movie has surpassed all expectations and brought in more than $173 million in domestic box office sales. This past weekend, the film moved ahead of Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023), which only brought in $172 million at the domestic box office. And ...

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Indiana Jones on Track to CRUSH Disney’s Expectations

Indiana Jones financial loss

In what was supposed to be a triumphant farewell to the iconic Indiana Jones franchise, Disney and Lucasfilm’s dreams have turned into a nightmarish financial struggle. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny was the first in the series under a Disney-owned Lucasfilm, and likely the last as the looming disaster it caused the company is now becoming increasingly clearer. ...

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Iger Has Some Explaining To Do After Disney Drops $1 Billion on Four Flops

Disney drop $1 billion on four flops

It will be interesting to see how Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger talks his way out of this one. Perhaps will he will bring out Dwayne Johnson and announce another live-action remake like he’s done before. Or maybe he’ll blame everything on his predecessor, CEO Bob Chapek. But on the eve of Disney’s shareholder meeting, there is something clear: ...

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Disney Pulled Into Another First Amendment Lawsuit

Disney sued over copyright infringement

Whether it wants to or not, Disney appears to be making legal history with its First Amendment cases. Disney was already knee-deep in two cases involving the First Amendment, and now, they are being dragged into a third. The Supreme Court recently ruled against Disney, saying that a lower court should hear the case of a toymaker suing the Walt ...

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‘Indiana Jones’ Just Broke a 24-Year-Old Record

indiana jones breaks record oldest disney lead

Despite a lackluster box office debut, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny cracked a Walt Disney Co. record. Few artisan film branches maintain a successful run over four decades, and even fewer Hollywood actors remain in the spotlight into their Golden Years. Since Harrison Ford‘s debut as Indy in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark alongside Karen Allen as Marion ...

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Indiana Jones’ Insane Budget Makes Box Office Disaster Worse for Disney

Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny harrison ford

The last outing for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is an expensive endeavor for the Walt Disney Company. The summer blockbuster has been placed among the most expensive movies ever made, but its box office showing has fallen short. Lucasfilm is facing another disaster, with the film failing to do anything impressive in its opening weekend. Furthermore, it turns out ...

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Scene From ‘Indiana Jones’ Gets Backlash for a Controversial Effect That Disney “Almost” Got Right 

Indiana Jones De-Aging Scene

Hollywood is notorious for pushings its actors to age backward. Seemingly segmenting anyone over 30 into an “aging” category, it’s an anomaly when actors withstand the test of time with silver screen appearances. Sometimes it takes being associated with an artisan class of box-office-breaking films, especially ones like Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford, the man behind two of Disney and film ...

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Disney Panics as New Indiana Jones Film Has Abysmal Opening

Indiana Jones failure

Disney and Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has left critics underwhelmed as the iconic action-adventure franchise embarks on its last hurrah. With some fans posting images of empty theaters on opening night, it seems the allure of a new outing with the charming adventurer just didn’t take off. Friday earnings hint that the film might die on ...

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