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Harrison Ford Says ‘Indiana Jones 5’ is an Official Ending

Indiana Jones 5

Fans are getting closer and closer to the long-anticipated release of Lucasfilm’s fifth Indiana Jones movie, and this week Harrison Ford sat down with Empire to share some more details about his latest bout as the famous archaeologist. According to him, this movie will be worth the wait. “It’s full of adventure, full of laughs, full of real emotion. And it’s complex ...

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Audiences Refuse to Accept ‘Indiana Jones 5’

indiana jones 5 bad reviews

When the name “Indiana Jones” comes to mind, many people have positive associations with the intrepid archaeologist, treasure hunter, and adventurer who seeks out historical artifacts, defeats nefarious villains, and repeatedly saves the world (and who is usually partnered with plucky female companions). Harrison Ford, the actor who plays Indy (and who also became iconic for playing Han Solo in ...

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CONFIRMED: Iconic Disney Park Ride Closes Indefinitely

indiana jones refurbishment

A recent rumor about the Indiana Jones Adventure that was making the rounds on Reddit has been confirmed; Guests now can expect the ride to close soon. Disney fans have had their hands full with multiple new announcements of new movies and releases, as well as closures for refurbishment since the D23 Expo earlier this year and even after that. ...

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OpEd: How ‘Indiana Jones’ Could Save this Disney Park

Dinosaur Attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida

The Walt Disney World Resort unfolded unprecedented updates during recent weeks, but one Disney Park remains in the dark regarding the future development of a somewhat forgotten land. Now, one ride from Disneyland could help revitalize Disney’s Animal Kingdom like never before. Related: OpEd: How Disney’s New ‘Figment’ Movie Could Save EPCOT There’s no beating around the bush on this ...

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Indiana Jones Attraction’s Possible Refurbishment

indiana jones adventure disneyland

Indy fans rejoice! The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction might just be getting some refurbishment soon! Disney fans have been flooded with updates about new movies, shows, character meet and greets, and the revamping of Disney Park areas. From seeing the new Little Mermaid trailer to learning about the arrival of the Hatbox Ghost to the Haunted Mansion, and news of an expansion ...

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Harrison Ford Speaks on ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ Confirms Final Movie

Indiana Jones 5

It looks like the fifth installment of Indiana Jones is still going strong, and, according to the franchise star, Harrison Ford, it is going to be fantastic. The actor, who has been the embodiment of the anti-hero archeologist since Raiders of the Lost Ark, appeared on stage during the 2022 D23 Expo to get Disney Fanatics excited for another adventure and got ...

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Every Single Roller Coaster at Every Disney Park

Coasters Cover

The Disney ride scene is more creative now than ever before. Among the six operating Disney Resort Parks around the world, there are just so many exciting options to cater to all different ages, interests, and thrill levels. Every Disney Park is a place where both young riders just starting out as well as seasoned pros alike can bask in ...

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Sparks Fly in Front of Guests in Latest Disney Ride Malfunction

Disneyland Ride Breakdown

An unfortunate mid-ride break on a fan favorite attraction sent sparks literally flying. Disneyland Guests were loaded and set to embark on the Indiana Jones Adventure when something broke on their ride vehicle, sending sparks flying in front of them. Now, the ride vehicles for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure that take Guests through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye do, ...

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Speculation: Did Disney Finally Secure ‘Indiana Jones’ for Disney+?

Indiana Jones Disney Plus

We have reason to believe that Disney+ subscribers might be seeing the films of the Indiana Jones franchise in the near future. On June 2, 2022, this reporter discovered that all four Indy movies–Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull–were listed under the “Enjoy Before They’re Gone” category of its current streaming platform, Paramount+, meaning that ...

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