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Disney Genie+ Has Become a Must-Have at the Parks

Every Disney Guest is familiar with the Disney Genie suite. Whether you have had a positive experience with it or you’re more in the camp of those who are frustrated with the service, what all Disney Fanatics can undoubtedly agree with is that the service has become an inextricable part of the Disney experience. Related: Disney World Tests Out New ...

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Cast Members Comfort Guests During Severe Ride Malfunction

haunted mansion behind the scenes photo from reddit and exterior photo

At any theme park, ride or roller coaster malfunctions and breakdowns are an inevitability. However, Walt Disney World Resort and its West Coast counterpart, Disneyland Resort, seem to be facing an abnormally large number of ride breakdowns in recent months – so much so that Disney Guests have actually started to allow for ride breakdowns as part of their scheduled ...

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Reminder: DO NOT Buy Disney Genie+ to Ride TRON: Lightcycle/Run

TRON Ride Lightning Lane

TRON: Lightcycle/Run finally opened to the Walt Disney World Resort public on Tuesday, April 4, in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom Park. At the same time, the cost of Disney Genie+ hit another all-time high, and selling out before morning turned to midday. Noticing a connection, this reporter felt it prudent to remind his readers that all those would-be Guests seeking to ...

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Could TRON Virtual Queue will be Easier to Join in the Morning?

Tron, Disney World

Attention all would-be Guests who have their eyes set on TRON Lightcycle/Run at the Walt Disney World Resort: The Tomorrowland entry point to the Grid will only be accessible via Virtual Queue and Individual Lightning Lane when it finally opens on April 4, 2023, but one aspect about this roller coaster makes me think that it won’t be as much ...

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Disney Makes a Change to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

runaway railway queue

When you’re a Disney Fanatic, the small things matter. What does that mean? When Disney announces that Guests can enjoy After Hours at new Theme Parks when it updates shows like “Fantasmic!,” or when a fan-favorite (albeit controversial) attraction closes for a retheme. In this vein, there’s one change that Disney just announced for the recently reopened Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway ...

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You Can Relive the FastPass Nostalgia With This Old Disney Video

fastpass disney video

We have just the video for Disney fans who have been desperately missing FastPass and have had myriad complaints with Genie+. The Disney Genie suite—with the Genie+ and Lightning Lane service—and the additional Individual Lightning Lane system are hot on the mouth of every Disney fan, just not for the reasons we’d hope. Whereas the system they replaced, FastPass, is ...

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Disney Guests Face Another Price Increase

rise of the resistance price

Disney Fanatics and frequent Disney visitors have been dealing with multiple announcements from the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks this week in relation to the increase in Disney prices. When multiple announcements are made, it can be easy to overlook some of the less blatant shifts in pricing — such as this change to not one, but two Star ...

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Disney Increases Prices on Two Fronts for Guests

disney price increases

The Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks are wasting no time when it comes to implementing the plans that were revealed yesterday involving increasing the Genie+ prices — but apparently, they have also increased Individual Lightning Lane prices, too! We learned yesterday, October 11, that the price of Genie+ was increasing and that what journalist Ashley Carter calls “variable ...

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Spider-Man Attraction Moves to Genie+

genie+ spiderman web slingers

We have seen a lot of news related to the Disney Genie+ service from Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company lately — especially the news that Genie+ prices are increasing, and that the prices are now going to be different every day — and now there is more news in the Genie+ department from the Walt Disney Company! A Marvel ...

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