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‘Iron Man’ Confirmed to Return This Summer Following Years-Long Hiatus

MCU Iron Man

Marvel’s most iconic character is confirmed to return very soon for fans of the MCU. Related: Disney Legend Jeff Bridges Will Return to His Most Iconic Role Disney+ has become the go-to streaming service for millions of users due to its unmatched collection of classic animated films and live-action blockbusters. With The Walt Disney Company having its hand in practically ...

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Robert Downey Jr. Says Marvel “Let the Lunatics Run the Asylum”

Iron Man Endgame

Marvel Studios (and its owner, The Walt Disney Company) has had a bad couple of years. The past few Marvel movies did not fare well at the box office. In fact, by some estimates, The Marvels (2023) may be one of the top 10 biggest flops of all time. Marvel Studios But not that long ago, the studio produced blockbuster ...

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A “Truly Magical” Moment Shared by a Disneyland Cast Member and “Honorary Hero”

Colton Make-A-Wish Heroes

There’s no such thing as “employees” in Walt Disney World. There are only storytellers and magic makers, and they’re appropriately called Cast Members. Since 1978, Cast Members have brought Disney themes to life for Guests, never breaking character while carrying on the theme Park’s productions. In the last 40 years, Disney’s onsite representatives have waved their wands to create magical ...

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Disney Actor is Remaking What Hitchcock Classic?

Robert Downey Jr. remaking Hitchcock classic

In the entertainment world, there are just certain untouchable films. Under no circumstances should they ever be remade. It’s an understanding that we all have that these films have reached perfection, and you just don’t mess with perfection. There would be serious problems if anyone tried to remake Citizen Kane (1941). Orsen Welles’ film is nearly perfect. For a first-time ...

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“You Asked. They Listened.” Guest Complaints Trigger Changes to Disney Park Ride

Avengers Ride Disneyland Paris

Most of the time when a self-declared Disney fan complains about a ride at a Disney Theme Park, it is because they care. The opinions are vocalized–or typed–in the hopes of manifesting a needed change through Walt Disney Imagineering’s intervention. Most of the time, fans’ efforts appear to be in vain, but one Disney Parks insider reports that they have ...

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Guest Shares Darth Vader Trumps Iron Man Meet ‘n’ Greet

ironman disneyland paris

A Disney Park Guest recently expressed some disappointment at the Iron Man Meet ‘n’ Greet for being “awkward” despite the character being impressive. Visiting a Disney Theme Park is one of the best experiences to get your taste of the Disney magic. Between the myriad rides and attractions that Guests can enjoy and the character interactions on offer, visiting any ...

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Rumor: Disney Closing Brand New Marvel Ride After Guest Criticism

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Rumors are circulating that a brand new Marvel-themed roller coaster is closing after only being opened for a few weeks due to poor reception from Park Guests. Called Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, the “E-Ticket” attraction took up residence in the building that once held Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith at the Disneyland Paris Resort and opened to the public ...

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Avengers Assemble – In this Exclusive Marvel Pandora Collection!

Marvel x Pandora Pandora jewelry is a company that began designing luxury charms designed for charm bracelets and necklaces in the year 2000. For more than 20 years they have been a company that served a unique role in the jewelry retail market, providing pieces for those who wish to wear jewelry that is stylish and elegant and at the ...

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Disney Shares Details on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster’s Marvel-Themed Replacement

New Avengers Campus

Recently, we at Disney Fanatic shared the news that Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith was finally leaving the studio to be replaced by a Marvel-themed attraction for the new Avengers Campus opening soon at the Disneyland Paris Resort. Now, we know a little more about what that new ride will be like. On Wednesday, May 25, Disney Parks Blog ...

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Wealthy Disney Characters Valued Well Beyond Their Net Worth

Scrooge McDuck

Walt Disney Entertainment has produced a wealth of characters throughout the years, many of whom have actively produced their very own wealth on screen. And while many of us may admittedly feel compelled to evaluate portrayals of rich folk with more objectionability than we would the meeker underdogs we love for what they lack (and make up for), Disney somehow ...

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