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Video: ‘Small World’ Breaks Down, Cast Members Tow Boats by Hand

small world ride breakdown

The nightmare of at least a few Disney Fanatics came true this last week as Disney Park Guests got stuck on “it’s a small world” and were towed back to the loading dock by Cast Members. The incident occurred at the original “small world” attraction in Disneyland Park, and a TikTok video by @mayakinss_, who said: “I got stuck on ...

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A Tribute to the Sherman Brothers and Their Enduring Legacy

Walt with Sherman Brothers

There have been many notable sibling duos throughout history. Within the Walt Disney Company, in particular, the team of Walt and Roy Disney is perhaps the most famous demonstration of brothers working together — the one that springs instantly to mind, and rightly so. But they weren’t the only ones. With a claim to fame for having produced more motion ...

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A Look Back at the Iconic Females Who Played a Crucial Role in Disney History

Alice Davis

From even its earliest days, the Walt Disney Company has relied on the assistance of talented and innovative women, many of whom went on to play very vital roles throughout the company’s developmental history. From the trailblazing ladies of the Ink & Paint team who set new standards in animation via artistic attributes, to the creative designers and brilliant, innovative ...

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VIDEO: Another Fight Between Disney Guests and Cast Members

fighting Guests

Disney magic is supposed to be for everyone — so why can’t Disney Guests seem to stop fighting amongst each other or being disrespectful to Disney Cast Members? In recent weeks there have been more than one Guest fight at Walt Disney World Resort, and now a stroller-related conflict has occurred across the country between a Disney visitor and Disney ...

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Top 10 Classic Disney Attractions of All Time

Cinderella Castle

What Makes a Classic? There are some Walt Disney World Rides, past and present, that most folks would consider true classics. Attractions come and go over the years, and a few of the Parks’ classic attractions no longer exist in their original forms, but they still hold a special spot in history. What makes us think of an attraction as ...

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The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Checklist! – 15 Things You Must Do!

When people think Walt Disney World, they think Magic Kingdom. They think Cinderella Castle. Magic Kingdom is where it all began. It’s the heart of Disney World. With that being said, it can be a little overwhelming planning for a day at the most popular park. You don’t want to miss anything, yet you don’t want to rush through everything. ...

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