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‘Encanto’s’ ‚ÄúTough Crybaby‚ÄĚ Luisa Madrigal Champions Mental Health, Self Love

Luisa madrigal Jessica Darrow

Luisa Madrigal, the¬†Encanto¬†queen, won all of our hearts when she made herself known as the eldest born grand-daughter of Alba Madrigal. Luisa became widely popular incredibly quickly for her super human strength and endurance. Voiced by Jessica Darrow, Luisa is known to be incredibly caring toward her family and shows her love for them by ‚Äúbeing of service.‚ÄĚ Despite how ...

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‘Encanto’ Stars Get Back In Character for Hollywood Bowl Concert


Not every animated Disney movie has been a hit with audiences in the past few years — but the movie¬†Encanto, which takes place in Colombia and came to Disney+ for its premiere last Christmas, has certainly made an impression on many Disney fans (not to mention Lin-Manuel Miranda fans).¬† One of the biggest highlights of Encanto¬†was the soundtrack, followed closely ...

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‘Encanto’ Actress Jessica Darrow Is Coming to MegaCon Orlando

luisa jessica darrow encanto

If you’re a huge fan of Luisa Madrigal (the strong sister in the Madrigal family from Encanto) and you want to see the actress who played her, you’re in luck! Jessica Darrow, the actress who voiced Luisa and performed her signature song, is coming to MegaCon Orlando in May. The actress and singer became a fan favorite since being ‘discovered’ ...

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‘Encanto’ Character Luisa Madrigal Receives Love from Fans Worldwide


Disney fans already knew that the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto, which premired in November in theaters and was released onto the streaming service Disney+ on Christmas Eve, has made quite a splash. The movie has won a Golden Globe, received multiple other awards or award nominations, and has even broken¬†Frozen‘s record with its music! The characters from the movie ...

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Disney Executives Fought Against ‘Encanto’ Character Luisa Madrigal’s Body Type


Although the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto has become known for its emotional plot, record-breaking music, and Golden Globe award, one of the biggest highlights from the new Disney movie is its characters — and Luisa Madrigal, the Madrigal sister who is gifted with super strength as her unique magical ability and who has become an audience favorite, was almost ...

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‘Encanto’ Actress Jessica Darrow Releases a Jazz Cover of “Surface Pressure”


If you’re a fan of Disney movies, animated movies, or Disney animated movies, then you’ve probably already seen the newest additions to Disney+. Walt Disney Animation Studios is Encanto, the magical realism tale that tells the story of the magical Colombian Madrigal family. Mirabel is the youngest girl in the family, and she feels like the black sheep because the ...

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The ‘Encanto’ Song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Tops Billboard and Spotify Charts


As usual, the latest animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios has been met with positive reviews from both critics and audiences, in theaters and on Disney+. This time, the movie is a magical realism story called Encanto about a Colombian family with unique powers ¬†— and since the composer for this Disney animated film is Lin-Manuel Miranda from¬†Moana (2016), ...

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