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‘Harry Potter’ Trailer: New Actors Replace Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and More

Harry Potter

“Magic is in the air” as the brand-new Harry Potter installment gets its first trailer. Despite the fact that Harry Potter author/Wizarding World creator JK Rowling has been dividing fans for many years due to her controversial views on transgender rights and gender identity, the Harry Potter brand remains as popular — and for many, as magical — as ever. ...

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‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Trailer Arrives Online

Harry Potter Characters

Lately, Harry Potter has become famous for all the wrong reasons. Though we’d all like to think it started with the Hogwarts Legacy (2023) backlash last year — which, of course, backfired and resulted in bolstering the game’s success — the controversy that now casts a Dementor-like shadow over the franchise can be traced back to the first tweet from ...

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‘Harry Potter’ Feud Deepens, Actor Gives “Sad” Update on JK Rowling Relationship

Daniel Radcliffe Refuses Harry Potter Return

Daniel Radcliffe has provided an update on the ongoing feud between Harry Potter author JK Rowling and, well, everyone who opposes her. Since 2018, JK Rowling has increasingly put herself at the forefront of the conversation around gender identity. The author’s opinions – which some have dubbed transphobic – have sparked controversy among both former fans and stars of the franchise that ...

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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals He “Ruined” ‘Harry Potter’

Harry Potter Movie Daniel Rad Cliffe

Though he has continued to star in other projects, there’s no doubt that Daniel Radcliffe has become synonymous with his iconic character, Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe, who starred as Harry Potter in all eight films from 2001 to 2011, racked up quite the earnings from the franchise, which saw an impressive $9.58 billion combined at the box office. Now, more ...

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Twelve-Year-Old Israeli ‘Harry Potter’ Super Fan Killed in Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Israeli 'Harry Potter' Super Fan Killed in Hamas Terrorist Attacks

On October 7, thousands of Hamas fighters crossed the Israeli-Gaza border by air, land, and sea. The attack took Israel and the world by surprise. In a horrific carnage, Hamas killed hundreds of unarmed civilians at an all-night music festival in southern Israel near the Gaza border. This beautiful 12 year old girl with autism was kidnapped from her home ...

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Disney Had Harry Potter and Let It Walk Out the Door to Universal

Disney lost Harry Potter to Universal

In fairness to Disney, nearly everyone passed on Harry Potter in the 1990s. Dozens of publishers passed on the books. As the story goes, controversial writer J.K. Rowling had to use her initials rather than her full name so that no publishers would know she was a woman and someone would buy the books. But after the release of the ...

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