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Disney Rewrote ‘Camp Rock’ to Suit the Jonas Brothers

camp rock

On the D23 podcast, Kevin Jonas recently revealed that he and his brothers from the Jonas Brothers boy band (i.e. Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas) were reluctant to do the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and its 2010 sequel Camp Rock: Final Jam. Apparently, the band was taking off at the time and the boys didn’t think that the movie ...

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Frankie Jonas Is Sophie Turner’s Biggest Fan

sophie turner joe jonas

It might seem tricky being the least famous Jonas brother — but being starstruck by the actress that your brother ends up marrying is another challenge for Frankie Jonas! The host of Claim to Fame (who co-hosts the show with his other brother Kevin Jonas) recently confessed to D23 that he is an enormous fan of Sophie Turner as an actress — ...

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Jonas Brothers Share Thoughts on Turning Red’s Boy Band

jonas brothers 4*town

Not everyone liked the new Pixar movie Turning Red (an animated film in which Mei, a 13 year-old girl, turns into a giant red panda) — but many viewers did find that they could identify with Mei and her friends’ fangirling over a boy band. In the movie Turning Red, the fictional boy band was 4*Town (which featured Disney darling ...

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