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Disney World Extras That Cost Less Than You Expected

Cheaper Extras feature

Let’s all be honest by admitting that a Walt Disney World vacation doesn’t come cheap. Not only do you have all the straightforward to-be-expected expenses to contend with, but there are also always all those surprising additional costs that tend to pop up each and every time. Sometimes you feel suckered into splurging a little on what you initially think ...

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A Boat Lover’s Guide to Staying Afloat While Visiting Disney World

Boat services at Disney

Are you a boat lover with upcoming plans for visiting Walt Disney World Resort in the near future? Perhaps you’re even under the impression that Disney World is limited to Park and Resort-based activities that include very little in the way of satisfying your own true boating enthusiasm. Well, you’d be wrong to assume so, because Walt Disney World Resort ...

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Are These Walt Disney World Hotel Deals Too Good to Be True?

If you are experiencing some sticker shock while planning your next Walt Disney World vacation, you are certainly not alone, and one area (aside from theme park tickets) that can be quite expensive is booking your accommodations. Staying on Walt Disney World property is certainly appealing, but it does come at a price. But what if there was a way ...

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