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Mickey Mouse’s Act of Kindness Brings Grieving Family to Tears

Sad Mickey Mouse

We sometimes lose sight of just what’s important about Walt Disney World. We all get caught up in some guests’ terrible behaviorĀ and forget about the good that can come from a trip to Disney World. We focus too much of our attention on the guest jumping on a float or someone getting drunk and rowdy, but when we pay too ...

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Disneyland’s New ‘Fairy Godfather’ Spends $750 to Give Away Free Mickey Ears

Kurt Tocci disney ears

It seems safe to say that the Walt Disney Company has been facing a great deal of bad publicity lately (does Disney CEO Bob Iger and the WGA writers’ strike ring a bell?), but sometimes classic Disney magic can still be found in the Disney Parks themselves within Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. “Making People Smile” We’ve gotten ...

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