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LEGO Reveals New Disney Princess Sets Coming in the New Year!

Disney ret invasion

LEGO has recently made an exciting announcement that has Disney Princess fans of all ages buzzing with anticipation. In a grand unveiling, LEGO has revealed a captivating new line of Disney Princess-themed sets that are set to hit the shelves in 2024. This news has sent ripples of joy through the Disney and LEGO communities alike as fans eagerly await ...

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Disney Pulls Out All the Stops for Centennial, Celebrates Disney100 With FREE Lego Sets for Fans

free Disney LEGO sets

Disney is pulling out all the stops for its 100th-anniversary celebration this year, giving out free LEGO sets to select Disney Fanatics! It’s a momentous occasion for Disney; the Walt Disney Company is celebrating its centennial this year, and the Mouse House is pulling out all the stops to mark the occasion. Both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney ...

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Snow White Is an Axe-Wielding Maniac in New Disney+ Princess Special

Lego Disney princess

It’s not often that the Walt Disney Company releases a new animated Disney Princess crossover. In fact, the entertainment giant hasn’t capitalized on this popularity since Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet in 2018. Disney is finally reuniting several princesses for an adventure, and the newest trailer release actually looks quite entertaining. We even get to see the timid ...

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Immersive In-Store Experiences at Disney World Shops

Interactive shops cover

Shopping around Walt Disney World Resort can really be a lot of fun. From quaint little stores and venues throughout the four theme parks to unique finds within the various Resorts, and then, of course, there’s that whole impressive setup making up Disney Springs. There is no shortage of possibilities for what you can find at Walt Disney World Resort. ...

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Which Other Countries Were Almost Added to EPCOT’s World Showcase and What Could Be Still to Come?


You don’t have to travel the world in the literal sense to become a “Disney World” traveler. As fans of EPCOT’s World Showcase know well, Disney has made the idea of going on a grand world tour to 11 different nations in a single day an entirely doable endeavor. And while we can take delight in all of EPCOT’s current ...

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What if Disney Owned Ghostbusters?

There’s definitely something strange in the Disney Parks neighborhoods. The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tower of Terror are just a few examples of Disney’s relationship with the weird and wonderful world of the supernatural – and that’s just the theme park attractions. There’s also the streaming service Disney+, and now that the House of Mouse has inherited ...

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