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Confirmed: Disney Forced Cut of First Lesbian Storyline From the MCU

Disney Cut First Lesbian Storyline From the MCU

For all of the flack that the Walt Disney Company has gotten from the right over having “gone woke” to some on the left, Disney has not gone far enough in its LGBTQ+ representation in its films and television shows. Thus far, Disney has sought a middle ground that has done nothing more than anger both sides and now, with ...

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Elsa to Marry a Woman in ‘Frozen III’: Fact or Fiction?

frozen 3 elsa

In a rumor that has become so widespread the origin video has garnered over one million views, some believe that Princess Elsa from Disney’s Frozen franchise is going to marry a woman in the upcoming Frozen sequel. Disney has been embroiled in controversy after controversy in the recent past. From its portrayal of LGBTQ characters, which had some fans in ...

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New Report Exposes Disney’s Surprising Position for Representation and Inclusion Initiatives

Disney representation and inclusion

The Walt Disney Company has navigated an incredibly divisive and increasingly volatile world of audience expectations in recent years. While the entertainment giant has expressed a commitment to representation and inclusion in its theatrical and streaming offerings, some critics have taken issue with Disney’s initiatives and voiced concerns that the company is pushing a “woke” agenda. Nevertheless, Disney has not ...

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You Can Kiss Disney Movie Representation and Inclusion Goodbye Under Current Bob Iger

Disney movie representation

Bob Iger’s return as Disney CEO has been controversial, to say the least. While The Walt Disney Company has been navigating some tough waters in recent years, the highest member of the executive team hasn’t been very coy in his opinions about the company’s role in the ongoing social and political battles being waged in the United States. Iger’s comments ...

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Disney Board Member Warns Openly Gay Characters Are “Too Polarizing”

Disney gay characters

The Walt Disney Company has been dealt a reputation that it caters to “woke” ideologies and pushes an agenda on children. While the studio has included LGBTQ+ characters in some films, it only ever truly put one at the forefront in Strange World (2022). Behind closed doors, a prominent Disney voice has reportedly warned to keep these characters seen and ...

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Disney Brainwashing Kids and Turning Them Gay? Outlet Mocks Theory

disney turning kids gay

A famous satirical outlet recently mocked the idea that Disney was “brainwashing kids” and “turning them gay.” One of the most predominant critiques of Disney from some fans has been that Disney has been “sexualizing” kids and “grooming” them. This has primarily come from the increased feature of LGBTQ+ individuals and LGBTQ+ content. This particular sub-section of Disney content has ...

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Despite “Woke” Backlash, Disney Still Fails at LGBTQ+ Representation

Disney fails at LGBTQ represenation

In recent years, Disney has been excessively labeled as “woke” by conservative audiences. You can’t set foot on social media without seeing outrage over the idea that the company has abandoned family values in favor of LGBTQ+ characters and themes in their films. Fans that watch these movies realize how little there is to fuel this narrative in reality, as ...

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More LGBTQ Woes for Disney, Fans Disapprove of Transgender Representation

disney lgbtq representation

Representation has been one of the most controversial subjects in the media in recent years. With more communities wanting to see themselves on screen and Hollywood slowly starting to follow through, more voices have been sharing their opinion about whether that representation is appropriate or not. Many trolls online have been negatively affecting movie and TV show reviews, and the ...

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Big Win for LGBTQ Community, Pixar Has its First Non-Binary Character

elemental lgbt non-binary

In the recent past, Disney has been working on upping their representation game. While the Walt Disney Company has always spoken about making sure their audience sees themselves on the screen, in February 2022, during the start of the Disney vs. DeSantis feud, much information came to light that put the Mouse House in hot water, wherein the HRC (Human ...

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NAACP Issues Travel Warning Ahead of Pride Month at Disney

Pride CM Disney

It’s June 1, and pride is blooming all over the Walt Disney World Resort to support the LGBTQ+ community. To get the party started, hundreds of LGBTQ+ Guests are headed to Orlando to celebrate a four-day-long set of events called “Disney Gay Days.” The sold-out “Gay Days” host hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton at SeaWorld, will house proud members of ...

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