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Radiator Springs Racers Returns

radiator springs racers

Fans of Cars can rejoice, because the Radiator Springs Racers Disney ride is back in action with a need for speed! Journalist Scott Gustin has shared that Disney California Adventure Park finally has some high-speed action to offer its Guests again. Radiator Springs Racers has not been closed for long — at least, not long compared to some other Disney rides or ...

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Kach-OWW! Disney Sues TikToker

Disney TikTok Lawsuit

“I’m being sued by Disney!” It is perhaps well known in one sense or another that The Walt Disney Company is very protective over its characters and other intellectual property (IP). And for better or worse, fans who have taken their independent expression of their fandom to a certain point have been introduced to their favorite company’s legal team–especially when ...

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Video: Cop Says Fan’s ‘Lightning McQueen’ Car Not Street Legal

Lightning McQueen

Disney Fanatics are known for emulating their favorite characters through their outfits, either through straight cosplay or through DisneyBounding. But it appears one fan has taken Disney cosplay to the streets, literally. IG and TikTok user @ninefivegarage transformed his Subaru BRX into the Piston Cup Champion Lightning McQueen in every way, including putting his eyes on the windshield. Unfortunately, this ...

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