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Prime Minister Trudeau Plays With Lightsabers, Gets Called On to Resign

justin trudeau lightsabers

On February 3, 2024, Justin Trudeau posted a video of him training with lightsabers, and many fans were completely bemused by the Canadian Prime Minister. The Walt Disney Company owns so many entertainment properties that most of our favorite shows and franchises are owned at the meta-level by the Mouse House. One of the most well-known examples of this is ...

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Generous Guest Spends $800 On Lightsabers For Children

kurt tocci being saluted by character from star wars movie

The Star Wars movies might include lots of sad or violent scenes, and many stories of oppression or abuse, but Star Wars fans can apparently be just as kind and honorable as the Jedis who have inspired them onscreen as they overcome obstacles! One big Star Wars fan just spent almost one thousand dollars on lightsabers in Walt Disney World Resort, in a unique demonstration of ...

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