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Disney Finally Fixed This ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Plot Hole, Bodes Well for Upcoming Live-Action

disney lilo stitch plot hole

With a recent release, Disney fixed a plot hole that fans had noticed in the beloved¬†Lilo & Stitch¬†Disney movie, making us even more excited for the live-action film! For decades,¬†Lilo & Stitch¬†has been one of the most universally beloved Disney movies. The story of the alien who was escaping certain imprisonment, crash landing in Hawai’i, and finding a family with ...

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Everything We Know About Disney’s Live-Action ‘Lilo & Stitch’

Disney's live-action Lilo and Stitch

Walt Disney Animation is known for creating some of the most popular, memorable, and beautiful animated films of all time. The studio made history with its 1937 release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first feature-length animated film. Since then, 61 more animated films have come from the Disney family. Including the much-loved 2002 movie, Lilo & Stitch. Related: ...

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‘Moana’ Remake Is Postponed as Hawaiians Join Writers’ Strike

moana writers strike

If you were excited about the new¬†Moana¬†and¬†Lilo & Stitch¬†movies, then you’re about to be very disappointed! The Writers Guild of America members have been making headlines nationwide as actors and writers face off against film studios — especially after a crucial attempt at negotiations failed earlier this week — and now the WGA strike has spread to Hawaii! The Strike ...

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The 5 Most Memorable Disney Movie Moms

Kala Tarzan

Disney Princesses usually shine in our favorite Disney films, but we can’t help but fall in love with the characters shaping them. Whether animated classics or modernized CGI hits, most Disney movies set the stage with complex family dynamics that keep us invested in our beloved Disney characters. With Mother’s Day upon us, there’s no time like the present to ...

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Disney Fans Panic After ‘The New Stitch’ Is Revealed

AI rendered stitch and animated stitch

The upcoming 2024 live-action adaptation of Lilo & Stitch, a cult favorite animated Disney movie from 2002, has been leading to a lot of raised eyebrows — and outright complaints — from Disney’s audiences. The biggest controversies have come from the casting of two light-skinned Hawaiian actors for dark-skinned character roles, and from one aforementioned actor’s racist posts on social ...

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Disney Backtracks, Removes ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Actor After Backlash

kahiau machado smiles and stitch grimaces

Stop the presses! Disney has done the unthinkable and actually changed its Lilo & Stitch movie cast promptly after an onslaught of negative feedback from potential audience members! The new Lilo & Stitch live-action adaptation of the 2002 cult favorite animated movie about a Hawaiian girl and her blue Elvis-loving alien friend Stitch has been causing plenty of controversies lately, with some ...

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When Did Fans Decide Disney Owes Them Anything?

Demanding Disney Fans

Recently, Walt Disney Studios has revealed significant progress on the live-action remake of its beloved animated movie, Lilo & Stitch,¬†and nobody is happy. After outrage by “racists” broke out over Disney’s decision to racially swap Princess Ariel and Tinker Bell for the remakes of¬†The Little Mermaid¬†and¬†Peter Pan,¬†those fans who called those critics racist are now crying race-based foul on Disney ...

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Disney Erases Audience’s Favorite ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Character From Remake

cobra bubbles in lilo and stitch

We recently pointed out that Disney seems to be on a roll when it comes to offending¬†Lilo & Stitch¬†fans — and now, these not-so-good times are continuing to roll! Disney audiences were already alienated — pun intended — by Disney’s plans to make a live-action version of the popular 2002 animated movie about a Hawaiian girl named Lilo and her ...

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Disney Faces More “Colorism” Accusations After ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Casting

david kawena grimaces at kahiau machado

Disney seems to be on a roll when it comes to the new¬†Lilo & Stitch¬†remake — but not in a good way! In less than a week, Disney has alienated its audience members not once but twice with the announcement of two “light-skinned” actors in the roles of two dark-skinned animated characters. Disney’s penchant for live-action remakes of its animated ...

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