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Camila Cabello Makes a Statement With Makeup At the “Cinderella” Premiere

While reactions to the new Amazon Prime “Cinderella” movie adaptation have been contentious, the show must go on–and onward it went, in the form of a red carpet premiere just like any other movie! Attention was obviously drawn to the lead actress in the film, Camila Cabello, who plays Cinderella. Cabello seemed to defy the movie’s middling reviews by embracing ...

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Will Cinderella’s Lily James Be Back for Downton Abbey 2?

Viewers were delighted with the English actress Lily James and her performance in the 2015 live-action Cinderella opposite a very charming Richard Madden; her innocent open nature, kind heart, and gorgeous dresses all solidified her standing as a wonderful Disney princess. However, many audience members also already knew her as the lovestruck Lady Rose on the hit period drama Downton ...

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Cinderella Stars in Day Two of World Princess Week

Just yesterday, Disney’s World Princess Week began. This “Ultimate Princess Celebration” features a different princess each day throughout this week: yesterday was Tiana, and today is Cinderella. Since this is an international event, Cinderella-specific events and offerings will be available at different Disney resorts around the world! In Disney World, Cinderella’s castle is sporting a new gold crest on its ...

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