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Channel the Fashion of Your Favorite Disney Channel Star

In August of 2020 former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan used the “What I’d Wear…” TikTok trend to take her fans on a nostalgic trip through her most famous roles. In the video captioned “What I’d wear to Fashion Week in…” the actress transformed into sleek modern styles of some of her best-known characters, including Bailey from The Suite Life on ...

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Mandy Moore Says She’s Grateful to Be In Disney’s ‘Cool Mom Club’

The Cool Mom’s Club In a May 24th article with InStyle Magazine former Disney star Mandy Moore talked, “saying goodbye to [This is Us‘] Rebecca Pearson, heading out on [her “In Real Life” album] tour, and the L.A. moms club that keeps her going.” The busy actress and singer just wrapped up her lead role in the successful NBC series ...

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Hilary Duff Says Disney Was Too ‘Spooked’ For An Adult Lizzie McGuire

Many Disney Channel fans and Lizzie McGuire fans have been clamoring for a reboot of the 2001 show with its star actress Hilary Duff. Unfortunately, the reboot that actually made it to the filming phase was shut down by Disney — and even though cast members from the original show had already expressed their disappointment and indicated that Disney higher-ups ...

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Thank You Hilary Duff For Saving Lizzie McGuire

hilary duff

Thank you Hilary Duff for saving Lizzie McGuire…and How I Met Your Mother…and Sex and the City. Hilary Duff is an icon of television, who has been essentially saving reboots for the entirety of the decade single-handedly. Since the premiere of Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire on January 12, 2001, which launched her career and paved the way for her expansion ...

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What Happened to Everything “Coming Soon” from Past D23 Events?

With news of tickets for this year’s D23 expo going on sale, we began thinking of past events, and the D23 announcements that came out of them, particularly at the last expo prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. D23 Expo 2019 gave us a lot of important Disney announcements across all areas of the company, promising that these coming attractions would ...

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