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Disney Icon Trends as Fan-Favorite Fictional Pop Star

Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, Ariana Grande

Our culture seems obsessed with pulling the curtain back on pop singers—even fictional ones. With the eras of Mickey Mouse Club alums Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera dominating the pop culture scene throughout the late 90s and early aughts, paparazzi went to borderline dangerous lengths to capture the stars in their off-time. The infatuation with pop icons has prompted the ...

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The Lizzie McGuire Podcast You Never Knew You Needed

Lizzie McGuire

Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made of! There is a brand new podcast out about your favorite childhood show. The year is 2003 and Lizzie McGuire is your entire world. You are still in elementary school but you eat, breathe, and sleep Lizzie. The year is now 2023, and you can do the same! View this ...

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Channel the Fashion of Your Favorite Disney Channel Star

In August of 2020 former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan used the “What I’d Wear…” TikTok trend to take her fans on a nostalgic trip through her most famous roles. In the video captioned “What I’d wear to Fashion Week in…” the actress transformed into sleek modern styles of some of her best-known characters, including Bailey from The Suite Life on ...

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Hilary Duff Says Disney Was Too ‘Spooked’ For An Adult Lizzie McGuire

Many Disney Channel fans and Lizzie McGuire fans have been clamoring for a reboot of the 2001 show with its star actress Hilary Duff. Unfortunately, the reboot that actually made it to the filming phase was shut down by Disney — and even though cast members from the original show had already expressed their disappointment and indicated that Disney higher-ups ...

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‘Suite Life’ Star Defends Disney Channel Girls Who Were ‘Heavily Sexualized’

suite life disney channel

It’s common to see Disney Channel celebrities compared to one another both during and after their time on Disney Channel shows or Disney Channel Original Movies, with the main comparison being one about their mental health and their reputations — and these comparisons are far, far more prevalent when it comes to female Disney Channel celebrities. Suite Life of Zack ...

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Thank You Hilary Duff For Saving Lizzie McGuire

hilary duff

Thank you Hilary Duff for saving Lizzie McGuire…and How I Met Your Mother…and Sex and the City. Hilary Duff is an icon of television, who has been essentially saving reboots for the entirety of the decade single-handedly. Since the premiere of Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire on January 12, 2001, which launched her career and paved the way for her expansion ...

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Review: Does ‘How I Met Your Father’ Hold a Candle to ‘How I Met Your Mother’?


Younger actress Hilary Duff has come back to the attention of former Lizzie McGuire fans lately due to her confessed addiction to a certain Encanto song, her desire for a Lizzie McGuire reboot with Disney+ or Hulu, and her new lead role on the Hulu original series How I Met Your Father, which is a spin-off of the multiple-Emmy Award-winning show ...

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‘How I Met Your Father’ Actress Hilary Duff Joins the ‘Encanto’ “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Craze


Disney Channel veteran and Younger actress Hilary Duff has been making headlines recently for her new role as Sophie in the How I Met Your Father spin-off of How I Met Your Mother (and for her continued hopes for a Lizzie McGuire reboot), but the actress has also received more attention for jumping on the Encanto bandwagon! The new Walt ...

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‘How I Met Your Father’ Actress Hilary Duff Continues to Hope For a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Comeback


Remakes, sequels, and spin-offs are definitely nothing new in the world of Disney — and even though the hit Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire ended back in 2004, its star Hilary Duff is not done hoping for another Lizzie encore. The actress has recently been making the rounds with interviews about her newest show, and she’s revealed some tidbits about the ...

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