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Rock Band Releases Cover of “Surface Pressure”

no resolve surface pressure encanto

Listen up, Disney fans! We’ve already seen the first popular version of the power ballad “Surface Pressure” from the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto, as well as the lesser-known jazz cover by the original voiceover actress who plays Luisa Madrigal in the Oscar-winning movie — but now the song about unwanted burdens and growing pressure has gotten another adaptation that’s ...

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‘Encanto’ and ‘Animal Crossing’ Merge in This Fanmade Video

It’s no secret that a love for the Golden Globe award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto has been taking the community of Disney fans by storm ever since it premiered in November, and that love for the Madrigal family from Encanto is still going strong! One surprising fan favorite from the movie, “strong one” Luisa Madrigal, has received a lot of love from ...

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‘Encanto’ Actress Jessica Darrow Is Coming to MegaCon Orlando

luisa jessica darrow encanto

If you’re a huge fan of Luisa Madrigal (the strong sister in the Madrigal family from Encanto) and you want to see the actress who played her, you’re in luck! Jessica Darrow, the actress who voiced Luisa and performed her signature song, is coming to MegaCon Orlando in May. The actress and singer became a fan favorite since being ‘discovered’ ...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Fails an ‘Encanto’ Song Challenge

Encanto Lin-Manuel Miranda

It’s clear from the Golden Globe Award, the chart-topping soundtrack, the popular merchandise, the fan-made online mashups, and the positive reviews that Encanto has made an enormous impression on Disney fans ever since it was released in theaters last November and premiered on Disney+ on Christmas Eve. Although the movie has been praised for everything from its vibrant animation to its ...

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Luisa Merch Is Outselling Isabela Merch

With all of Encanto‘s awards, positive reviews, and chart-topping music, it’s no surprise that the Walt Disney Animation Studios filmmakers have capitalized on Encanto‘s popularity with plenty of Encanto merchandise. What may surprise many Disney fans, however, is the fact that one specific character’s merchandise and products are becoming particularly popular — even more so than another, more traditional Disney character! Luisa Madrigal, ...

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Disney Executives Fought Against ‘Encanto’ Character Luisa Madrigal’s Body Type


Although the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto has become known for its emotional plot, record-breaking music, and Golden Globe award, one of the biggest highlights from the new Disney movie is its characters — and Luisa Madrigal, the Madrigal sister who is gifted with super strength as her unique magical ability and who has become an audience favorite, was almost ...

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