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Richard Madden and Kit Harington Have A Sweet “Game of Thrones” Moment During Marvel’s “Eternals” Press Tour


Marvel fans and Disney fans have been having a great time observing the “Eternals” press tour that’s underway for the new Marvel Studios movie, and even though most of the attention has been on the women’s red carpet appearances, we’ve also seen some cute or charming moments from the cast members that are men! Many fans of Games of Thrones, ...

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Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan Take An Intergalactic Turn During Marvel’s “Eternals” Press Tour

Marvel fans were already excited when the news about Eternals and its star studded cast came to light. Not only does “Eternals” have an epic, centuries-spanning plot–it’s also got some of Hollywood’s most respected actors filling its roster in a diverse Marvel movie that’s sure to make history! The press tour for “Eternals” is well underway now, and we’ve been ...

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Gemma Chan Continues to Impress On The “Eternals” Press Tour For Marvel

Gemma Chan, the English actress previously known for her roles in Sherlock, Humans, and Crazy Rich Asians, is rejoining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel Studio’s new movie “Eternals” (her first Marvel role was in Captain Marvel). So far, the Englishwoman and fan favorite has been steadily impressing audiences and admirers as the movie’s press tour gains momentum! Her feathery ...

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5 Disney IPs That Deserve Open-World Games

Did you know that there are two themed lands at Disney World that are getting their own open-world video games? Okay, while the games won’t be based directly off Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora – The World of Avatar, they will allow you to visit the universes made famous in the movies, which is even better! Yes, the deep ...

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Get Ready: “Eternals” Is One of the Longest Movies in Marvel History

Are you a Marvel fan who mentally and physically prepared for the long haul when you went in to see Avengers: Endgame? Well, buckle up again–because the highly-anticipated and blockbuster-actor-filled epic “Eternals” is going to be another long one for audiences, coming in at 156 minutes long (and there’s also two post-credits scenes as a teaser)!  The Marvel Studios movie ...

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