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Fans of ‘Eragon’ or ‘Shang-Chi’ Will Love This Dragon-Themed Series

If you and your family loved watching ‘Eragon‘ on Disney+, loved the dragon-focused finale that was in ‘Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings‘, or loved this new dragon-themed book series, then we’ve got the perfect adventure series for you to enjoy! “Blazewrath Games”, by Amparo Ortiz, is equal parts ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Eragon’, and ‘The Accidental Apprentice’. In this series (which ...

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Fans of ‘Shang-Chi’ Will Love This New Series

While the new movie ‘Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings’ had its ups and its downs, Disney fanatics who love fantastical adventures were definitely drawn to the finale that involved an epic aerial fight between two dragons (well, a dragon and a draconic winged soul-hunting beast, if you want to get technical). If you were among the audience members who ...

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Disney Readers Will Love This Adventurous New Fantasy

If you’re a Disney fanatic who loves exciting fantasy movies like ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Eragon‘ combined with the charmingly vibrant world of middle-grade stories like “Fablehaven” or Disney princess adventures like ‘Brave‘, then the recently-released book “The Raven Heir” will be right up your alley! With a vivid plot that revolves around “a set of magical triplets, two ...

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Disney Fans Will Love This Fantastical New Adventure

Although many Disney fans or Marvel fans’ favorite medium for Disney entertainment is Disney’s animated movies, there are plenty of Disney books that can be equally enjoyable–and there’s also plenty of books from outside the Disney or Marvel realm that can provide you with entertainment! These days, fantasy adventures have expanded in a very big way, with everything from middle-grade ...

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