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Minnie’s “Going Through It”: Beloved Mouse Spotted Smoking

minnie cast member disney

A recent video of a cast member who was caught smoking in his Minnie Mouse costume has sparked a debate online among fans. Going to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort is known to be one of the best ways to enjoy that quintessential Disney experience. Whether it’s because you have the chance to meet your favorite ...

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Disney Official Shares Public Apology Following “Sexual Harassment” Incident During Parade

Minnie Mouse Skirted

Disney has clearly heard the concerns regarding a recent viral video. Right now, the Disney theme parks worldwide are in the middle of their holiday celebrations. As the holiday season approaches, each Disney Park transforms into a winter wonderland, captivating guests with dazzling decorations and cheerful ambiance. For many guests, each Park’s Christmas Parade is the perfect embodiment of this ...

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Disney Cast Member Assaults Minnie Mouse During Parade

Minnie Mouse assaulted in Disneyland Tokyo

The Walt Disney Company is THE premier provider of exceptional theme park entertainment. For decades and across the globe, Disney has operated multiple theme park resorts. Related: The $500 Luxury Minnie Mouse Ears Each park provides hours of superior entertainment through night shows, fireworks, parades, stage shows, and more. But sometimes, these shows don’t go as planned. The near perfection of ...

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Disney’s Minkey Mouse: Fans Find Trans Minnie and Mickey

minnie and mickey mouse

Fans were recently tickled and amused by a piece of official Disney100 merchandise that clearly had a “weird defect.” Two of the most beloved characters in the world of Disney are Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. These two beloved characters have formed the foundation of the incredible love so many fans from all over the world have for the Walt ...

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Is Disney Breaking Up Mickey and Minnie? Here’s the Truth

Disney breaking up Mickey and Minnie

The Walt Disney Company has had many challenges, especially this year. Critics have seized on these problems, from corporate shakeups, faltering box office numbers, and AI-generated posters trying to destroy the company image. However, one thing has stood the test of time throughout Disney’s epic history – Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The two have always had a seemingly perfect ...

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Disney Is Sitting on a $500 Million Property That Few in America Know Exists

Disney makes half a billion dollars a year on Duffy Bear

Exit through the gift shop. It’s the perfect combination of attraction and marketing. You have no choice but to walk through the gift shop, and perhaps something will catch your little kiddo’s eye, and before you know it, you’ve just dropped $40 on a stuffed animal that will be in the back of the closet by month’s end. It is ...

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Minnie Mouse TWERKS in Unhinged Backstage Disney Character Video

Inappropriate Disney character behavior

Someone might soon get into trouble with Mickey Mouse if their identity is revealed. Recently, an account on social media has been recording and posting illegal footage of backstage character dressing rooms at the Disneyland Resort in California. What’s worse is these videos showcase character performers in compromising positions. One of the more popular posts has shown Minnie Mouse engaged ...

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Minnie Mouse Wants Mickey to Commit Already!

Minnie Mouse frustrated

The burden of shouldering a century-long dating period has finally caused Minnie Mouse to snap. In a recent encounter at a Disney dining experience, the beloved character went on an epic interpretive rage over Mickey Mouse’s failure to commit. This social media video showing Minnie Mouse being frustrated is hilarious! Nine Decades of Dating Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are ...

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Mickey Mouse Breaks Character, Harasses Minnie Mouse During Parade

mickey mouse and minnie mouse disneyland paris parade argument

Disney characters often come into conflict with one another (or amongst themselves on a larger scale) for the sake of brief Disney Channel or Disney Junior storylines about friendship and the importance of reconciliation. However, two classic Disney characters who never seem to fight or argue are the icons Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse — and, shockingly, those two Disney ...

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