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‘Encanto’ Theory: Let’s Talk About Abuelo Pedro

Encanto Theory

It has been a while since¬†Encanto¬†was a major topic of discussion, but I decided to re-watch the film–or at least force myself to do so–and a theory popped into my head that I wanted to share. It is a theory about Casita, the true source of “the miracle,” and what can be found in Abuela Alma’s bedroom. At the heart ...

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‘Encanto’ and ‘Animal Crossing’ Merge in This Fanmade Video

It’s no secret that a love for the Golden Globe award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios movie¬†Encanto¬†has been taking the community of Disney fans by storm ever since it premiered in November, and that love for the Madrigal family from¬†Encanto¬†is still going strong! One surprising fan favorite from the movie, “strong one” Luisa Madrigal, has received a lot of love from ...

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Stephanie Beatriz Recorded Her ‘Encanto’ Solo During Labor

stephanie beatriz encanto

Many voice actors need to have a certain level of commitment in order to do things like record scripted movie dialogue from homemade recording booths during a pandemic — but Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Mirabel Madrigal in the Golden Globe award-winning Disney movie Encanto, was actually secretly in the process of literally having a baby while she ...

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‘Turning Red’ & ‘Encanto’ – When Did Disney Get Such Bad Mommy Issues?

Disney Moms

If there is one thing Disney’s latest animated features have in common, it is their evident display of mommy issues. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto and Pixar Animation Studios’ Turning Red¬†share stories where the protagonist’s chief issue is the tension she and others have with a motherly figure. Mirabel–and to some extent her whole family–with her Abuela, and Meilin Lee ...

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‘Encanto’: Stephanie Beatriz Wins Critics Award for ‘Mirabel’ Performance


It looks like Disney’s Encanto¬†is adding even more accolades to its impressive collection. According to Walt Disney Animation, actress Stephanie Beatriz earned the award for Best Animated or VFX Performance from the Hollywood Critics Association. The animation studio shared the news on its Instagram page, saying, “Congratulations to¬†@stephaniebeatriz, the voice of Mirabel, for receiving Best Animated or VFX Performance at ...

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Aladdin’s Iago Performs “The Family Madrigal” from ‘Encanto’

Even though the plotline and animation of Encanto¬†has been winning both awards and fans’ approval since its premiere in November, the Walt Disney Animation Studio animated movie has received most of its praise or hype for its music — and now one Disney character is channeling Mirabel Madrigal from an entirely different Disney musical! Don Darryl Rivera, the Broadway actor ...

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All the Single Ladies: Disney Heroines Who Don’t Need Romance

Mary Poppins

For one who is lacking a significant other, Valentine’s Day can be both a blatant and brutal reminder of one’s singular status. With all those cards, candies, flowers, and other reminders seemingly everywhere, it can really drive the loneliness home for some. But the good news is that Singles Awareness Day comes right after Valentine’s Day on February 15, and ...

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Will “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Become a Dark Ride?

Dolores Mirabel and Bruno Encanto

The most popular original song from the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Encanto is without a doubt “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, an original song by Lin-Manuel Miranda in which the Madrigal family sings to Mirabel Madrigal about her mysterious uncle (whose magical powers allow him to see the future)– and ironically, everyone is talking about Bruno despite the song’s ...

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Fails an ‘Encanto’ Song Challenge

Encanto Lin-Manuel Miranda

It’s clear from the Golden Globe Award, the chart-topping soundtrack, the popular merchandise, the fan-made online mashups, and the positive reviews that¬†Encanto has made an enormous impression on Disney fans ever since it was released in theaters last November and premiered on Disney+ on Christmas Eve. Although the movie has been praised for everything from its vibrant animation to its ...

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‘Encanto’s Mirabel is a Disney Princess, Here’s Why

Mirabel Encanto

Even though she doesn’t have the official title, Mirabel Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto stands in the same place as a Disney Princess. And just like we saw with Moana before her, a pattern of futile denial hangs over her and the rest of her family. Let’s ask the blunt question: What defines a princess? I’m not talking about the personal ...

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