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Mother Gothel Might Actually Be Another Disney Villain

Disney Villain

From the moment Disney fans met Tangled’s Mother Gothel in 2010, she made a huge impression. From her hazelnut soup recipe to her penchant for kidnapping children from their unsuspecting royal parents, Mother Gothel is a woman of many talents. Related:¬†Disney CEO Confirms More ‘Tangled’ Coming to Disney Parks As it turns out, some Disney fans think that Mother Gothel ...

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Mother Gothel Blows Guests Away During Meet and Greet

Walt Disney World Guests might be mad about the disparity in Disney villain populations between Disney World and Disneyland, but the fact remains that Disneyland has just gotten several new Disney villains for its Oogie Boogie Bash — and one of them,¬†Tangled¬†villain Mother Gothel, has been really impressing visitors! Mother Gothel was originally played by award-winning Broadway icon Donna Murphy ...

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Disney World Guests Complain as Disneyland Receives Bonus Villains

oogie boogie bash villains

These days, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are finding a whole lot to complain about on their Disney vacations in Florida. Some Guests are complaining about roller coasters or rides that are in disrepair (including the soon-to-be-gone Splash Mountain), Disney’s increase in restrictions, and Disney’s involvement in Florida politics. Other Guests are actually the cause of complaints, whether they are ...

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Susan Egan Is Playing Mother Gothel

susan egan mother gothel

Susan Egan might have been the original Belle in the Broadway production of¬†Beauty and the Beast and the sarcastic heroine Megara in¬†Hercules, but now the actress and singer has revealed that she’s playing a Disney villain for part of Disney Princess – the Concert, which is currently on tour and features performers like Courtney Reed, Aisha Jackson, Christy Altomare, Arielle ...

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