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‘Star Wars’ and ‘Thor’ Star Caught Doing Good Deeds at Disney Park

Anakin and Padme

While it’s commonplace for Hollywood’s biggest stars to head the Disney to promote films like Haunted Mansion’s Jamie Lee Curtis and The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey, some celebrities are—just like us! Although VIP treatment is on the table for star-powered Disney Guests, many celebrities aim to give their families the quintessential Disney experience at the Parks. We can’t blame them, right? ...

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‘Bluey’ Show Attracts An Unexpected Crowd

bluey characters

Celebrities: they’re addicted to watching Bluey, just like us! If you ask any parent of children in a certain age group about the Australian children’s show that is known as Bluey, then it’s a safe bet that the parent in question will have something to say. The Australian children’s show, which comes from Ludo Studios but has now made it ...

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Christian Bale ‘Terrified’ His ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Co-stars

christian bale gorr god butcher thor

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each Marvel superhero typically fights one main villain at a time, such as Thanos. The new Thor movie Thor: Love and Thunder sticks to this theme (albeit with some very unique evil minions of sorts), and since British method actor Christian Bale is playing the villain Gorr the God Butcher, this movie’s villain turned out to ...

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REVIEW: ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Is a Marvel

thor love and thunder

Even though the Avengers films were an enormous success for Marvel Studios, as were many of the spin-off solo films that followed Marvel superheroes like Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Loki, one particular Norse god never seemed to do well with his solo films — at least, until New Zealand director and comedic What We Do in the Shadows actor Taika Waititi came onto the ...

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Chocolate Thor Hammer Comes to Disney Springs

thor hammer

Marvel fans are not the only ones who should be celebrating the theatrical premiere of the new Thor movie Thor: Love and Thunder; apparently, any Disney Springs Guest with a sweet tooth should be celebrating, too! The Disney Parks Blog has announced on TikTok that a chocolate version of the Norse god Thor’s signature hammer Mjolnir is now available at ...

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Jane Foster Joins the Avengers Campus

jane foster natalie portman

If you’re a fan of the Israeli actress Natalie Portman and her role as the scientist-turned-superhero Jane Foster (who is also Thor’s love interest in the new movie Thor: Love and Thunder), and you’re heading to Disney California Adventure Park soon, then you’re in luck! The Disney Parks Blog has announced that Jane Foster herself will be appearing somewhere on ...

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Natalie Portman Discusses the Failure of ‘Thor: The Dark World’

thor natalie portman

Marvel fans are very excited to see Natalie Portman returning as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster in the new Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder — but Marvel fans were particularly unexcited by the second Thor movie that Jane starred in, and Natalie Portman recently spoke to Variety about the movie’s bad reviews. Even though Thor is a handsome and more-and-more-comical Norse god (especially ...

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How Natalie Portman Gained Seven Inches in Height for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

natalie portman mighty thor

Natalie Portman is best known for her talent, her intellect, her beauty, and her status as a changemaker in Hollywood when it comes to women’s pay and the Time’s Up movement. Now, the actress is also coming back for her previously-underappreciated Marvel role as Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest in the 2011 movie Thor and the 2013 movie Thor: The Dark World. ...

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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Sneak Peek Is Released

thor love and thunder

Marvel fans, get ready! Thor: Love and Thunder is almost here, and we’ve got a special preview of the film to tide us over until it comes to theaters in July. The Marvel movie (which brings back director Taika Waiti, who directed the movie’s popular predecessor Thor: Ragnarok) explores Thor’s search for a new identity that brings him away from his warrior past ...

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The Best Female Characters in Star Wars

As Star Wars fans, we spend a lot of time appreciating all sorts of characters, whether they’re human, non-human, original, new, or characters worthy of their own TV shows – but today we’re going to spend some time focusing on the best female characters in Star Wars. After all, there are plenty to choose from, but which are the best ...

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