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Things That a Disney Rookie Must Do at Animal Kingdom Park

donald duck, chip and dale, dino bash in animal kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is, without a doubt, the wildest theme park in all of Walt Disney World Resort. Encompassing well over 500 acres, it also happens to be the largest. Because it is the youngest of all four, it’s still quite possible that someone who hasn’t gone on vacation to Disney World in quite some time has never even ...

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James Cameron was Inspired by Disney World’s Pandora for the Upcoming ‘Avatar 3’

pandora avatar 3

The Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, was released in December of last year and became one of the most successful movies both in 2022 and of all time: it pulled in $2.282 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film of the year, the highest-grossing film of the COVID-19 pandemic era, and the third highest-grossing film of all time. ...

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Bob Iger and James Cameron Discuss Changing ‘Flight of Passage’


Avatar fans have been waiting for news about the very-long-awaited sequel (make that multiple sequels) to the original 2009 Avatar film — especially since Walt Disney World Resort only whetted fans’ appetites by installing the popular Flight of Passage simulator ride in the Animal Kingdom, which can have as high as a four-hour wait in line and allows Guests to experience riding Banshees ...

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Unique Breakfast Novelties You Need to Try at Disney World

Unique Breakfast Cover

When you hear the word “breakfast” what comes to mind? If you’re like most, you probably have a list of familiar, conventional classics stacked higher than the highest stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Perhaps you envision eggs, omelets, and even Eggs Benedict. Next to pancakes, there are waffles, of course. And if you happen to be visiting a Disney destination, ...

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Disney Launches ‘Keep Our Oceans Amazing’ Campaign With ‘Avatar: Way of Water’


Fans of the James Cameron world of Pandora and the Avatar film from 2009 have been eagerly awaiting the CGI-heavy film’s sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, which premieres in theaters this December and should theoretically serve as the movie that ushers in several more Avatar films. Apparently, however, there is another element to the Avatar sequel’s premiere that everyone should be excited about! The Walt Disney ...

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Disney Park’s Castle Transforms Into ‘Pandora’

pandora exhibit avatar

We have already known for quite some time that Avatar: The Way of Water is on its way after many years of audiences’ anticipation — and now we know even more about the upcoming Avatar sequel — but apparently, the Na’vi and Pandora have dominated an entire Disney Park, too! Shanghai Disney Resort has a new Avatar: Explore Pandora exhibit that has just opened, ...

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Brand New Look at ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

China Softening on Disney Movies

The highly anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water, set for a December 16 release made an appearance at D23. During the presentation at the D23 Expo, 20th Century Studios dropped a significant surprise. They revealed several clips from the Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, the second installment of the James Cameron epic sci-fi franchise. After the Marvel and ...

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James Cameron Considers Stepping Away from ‘Avatar’

james cameron avatar

It’s safe to say that making an Avatar movie is hard work; whether Avatar actors are holding their breath for seven minutes underwater or playing characters decades younger than them, the team behind the movies has a lot on its plate. Director James Cameron, the man behind the entire Pandora world and Avatar franchise, recently admitted that making the movies might be ...

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‘Please Remain Seated’: Cast Members Increase Reminder on Top Attraction

Flight of Passage Disney World

It appears that Walt Disney World Cast Members have thought it necessary to increase the intensity of their reminders to Guests to remain seated during a ride. On Saturday, June 11, this reporter visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park to experience what is, in his opinion, the top attraction in all of Orlando, Avatar: Flight of Passage. But there was a ...

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An Upgraded Version of ‘Avatar’ Is Coming Before ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’


After years and years of languishing in development, Avatar 2 is finally here — but before you go to see this new sequel in December, you’ll want to head to cinemas in September! It has been announced that James Cameron is releasing a remastered version of the original 2009 Avatar film in theaters before the Avatar sequel comes out on December 13! The same ...

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