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Guests Speak Out Against “Wild” Disney Park Policy

guests speak out against disney reservation system

In 2020, Disney was tasked with the impossible: keeping crowds at bay. With historically high attendance numbers, top-ranking Parks like Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and an all-new Star Wars attraction to explore, the higher-ups needed to make drastic changes. Disney Genie was introduced, Lightning Lanes were opened, and Park Reservations were up for grabs when Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopened ...

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One Disney Resort Lifts Park Hopper Restrictions!

Disney Park Hopping Restrictions

A great, yellow-shoed step back to pre-pandemic normalcy will be taken tomorrow as the changes to Disney Parks’ Park Hopper restrictions finally take effect. Last month, Disney Fanatic reported that the Disneyland Resort would be lifting its Park Hopper restrictions and start allowing Guests to move to and from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure as early as 11 am. ...

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