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Four Parks in One Day: How This Family Mastered All the Disney Magic

Pandora Sunset Animal Kingdom

Want to Park Hop like a pro? Here are the best tips for true Disney Fanatics. Although Disney Fanatics come from all corners of the map, they share one thing: they’re savvy. Die-hard Disney fans know how to work around hefty Park price tags, costly reservations, and competitive queues. There’s nothing wrong with taking Disney at a slower pace. With ...

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Disney Resort Lifting Park Hopper Restrictions

Disneyland Park Hopping

For years now, Disney’s iconic Park Hopping experience has been restricted due to enduring policies left over from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it returned, Guests at both Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney World Resort were unable to move from one Theme Park to another until 2:00 pm local time, and after visiting the Theme Park for which they secured ...

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Disney Just Made Genie+ Even More Complicated

Disney Genie Plus Park Hopping

A new update has come in for Disney’s Genie+ service affecting Park Hoppers’ multi-Park experience, and it has come off as complicated and confusing. According to Theme Park insider Scott Gustin, there has been a change when it comes to selecting Genie+’s Lightning Lane when Park Hopping. Apparently, Genie+ used to recognize when a Guest was intending to Park Hop. ...

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Sunday Speculation: 3 Things Possibly Making Disney Park Crowds Worse

Disney World Crowds

If one goes to Disney World, one is going to deal with crowds on some level. That fact goes without saying and should be included in experience expectations. Be that as it may, crowds at Magic Kingdom have been looking worse than usual–even with capacity reportedly still limited. And this reporter might know why. Instead of accepting the Disney World ...

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OpEd: It’s Time Disney World Ended Park Hopping Restrictions

Disney World Park Pass Availability May 7

At The Walt Disney World Resort, face masks are finally optional in all indoor and outdoor areas, social distancing measures cease to exist, a FastPass-esque line skipping system is in operation, and Resort Hotel Guests are getting some semblance of extra magic hours again. Nighttime spectaculars are also a nightly occurrence, and even full-length parades and stage shows are making ...

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Reminder: You Can Still Use This Park Hopping Hack at Disney World

Disney World Park Hopping

The life of a Walt Disney World Park Hopper is still far from normal. Theme Park Reservations are still required, and Guests still can’t Park hop until after 2 pm. But, Disney Fanatic received Cast Member confirmation that a pre-pandemic Park Hopper habit is still allowed. This is a reminder that Disney World Guests looking to Park Hop do not ...

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