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Faith, Trust, and…”Angel Dust?” Disney Fans SLAM “Terrible” Tattoo – “That’s Not Tinker Bell”

tinker bell pixie dust

An unfortunate fan shared their tattoo, inspired by Tinker Bell, only to be roasted by fellow Disney fans for the “terrible” quality. WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised.¬† To be able to demonstrate one’s love for Disney is one of the great joys of being a ...

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Two More Disney Classics Are Getting Remade Into Slasher Films, Is Mickey Mouse Next?

Bambi and Peter Pan slasher films

There is a certain genius behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney and Marvel created characters that could stand on their own but also be brought together for a massive collaboration. In theory, the MCU could go on forever, with new characters replacing the old ones or characters who are killed off in the films. As long as audiences keep coming ...

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Peter Pan is a Vampire?!

peter pan disney world character

A video of a Disney World face character, Peter Pan, calling himself a ‚Äúvampire‚ÄĚ while interacting with a fan has been making the rounds. The cast members at any Disney resort, be that the Central Florida Disney theme park or the Southern California Disney Park, are the heart of the Disney experience. Whether as custodial and janitorial staff who make ...

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Disney Cruise Line Announces Stern Character for ‘Disney Treasure’ Ship

Disney Treasure stern character

Disney Cruise Line has finally provided a much-anticipated update on the Disney Treasure vessel set to launch next year. The veil of secrecy has been lifted, revealing an awesome artist rendering of the stern for its upcoming ship. The choice of character definitely fits the theme. The ship will be adorned with beloved characters from a cherished classic film, giving ...

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‘Frozen’ Star Idina Menzel Sings Tinker Bell’s Praises Despite Backlash

idina menzel with olaf, anna, and elsa, and yara shahidi blowing a kiss as tinkerbell

In a segment with¬†Billboard¬†called “Speed Dating,” celebrities are asked a series of quick questions about their life — and in her very recent Speed Dating segment,¬†Frozen¬†star Idina Menzel made it clear that she has a thing for classic live-action Disney movie stars as well as a fondness for an unexpected Disney heroine! From Softball Questions to Hardball Questions The Broadway ...

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The Original ‘Tinker Bell’ Returns to Neverland

margaret kerry with tinker bell

If there’s one thing that Disney fans always love, it’s a classic Disney icon like Roy Disney or a Disney Legend like Jodi Benson. Many Disney fans want to feel a stronger connection to the Walt Disney Company and its history, as if they were able to speak directly to Walt Disney himself — but there are still some people ...

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Has Disney Made Peter Pan a Murderer? New Movie Supports Disturbing ‘Villain Theory’

peter pan gasps as captain hook frowns at him

Peter Pan enthusiasts might already know that there is a longstanding theory about the perky adventurer and his morally-questionable treatment of his ragtag group of “Lost Boys.” The theory is bolstered by the original Peter Pan story called “Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” — and now, the disturbing theory also seems to be supported by the ...

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Disney Adds ‘Lost Girls’ to Peter Pan’s ‘Lost Boys’ Despite Protests

lost girls glare at lost boys in peter pan

Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Peter Pan (1953), called¬†Peter Pan & Wendy,¬†has been receiving mixed reviews so far — partly because Disney fans seem to be more and more frustrated, on a larger scale, by Disney’s infatuation with live-action remakes of the company’s classic animated films. Peter Pan & Wendy¬†had already raised some eyebrows before its very recent Disney+ premiere ...

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‘Peter Pan’ Remake Features First Lead Actor With Down Syndrome

tinker bell slightly and peter pan from peter pan and wendy

A 15-year-old British actor is making a huge impact on Disney filmmaking history in the new Peter Pan¬†remake! Noah Matthews Matofsky is becoming the first actor with Down Syndrome to play a main character and lead role in a Disney movie. Experience #PeterPanAndWendy, Disney‚Äôs epic movie event, April 28 only on @DisneyPlus. ‚ú® — Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) April ...

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Did You Know That These Are the Oldest Attractions at Disney World?

Oldest Attractions feature image

With all the 50th Anniversary Celebrations that have been taking place within the past two years, everyone’s pretty much well aware by now that Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has been around for more than five decades already! At the time, the Magic Kingdom was the only Disney World park that had been established by the time opening day ...

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