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Secret’s Out! Bob Iger’s “Era of Building” Includes MORE Layoffs

disney pixar layoffs

Despite Disney CEO Bob Iger’s statement last year that Disney was entering a new era of building, it appears Disney’s Pixar is going through another round of sizeable layoffs. The Walt Disney Company saw a year characterized by restructuring, downsizing, and a lot of cuts (be those budget or workforce) in 2023. In fact, when Bob Iger came back to ...

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Disney Boasts About ‘Elemental’ Success, Reveals Record-Breaking Numbers

Pixar elemental movie

In an article entitled “How Pixar’s Elemental Kept Its Fire Burning at the Box Office,” the Walt Disney Company has just sung the praises of Pixar’s newest summertime animated film. Some might actually think that this is not the best time to be boasting or drawing any attention to successful films, since Disney and many other film studios are being ...

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Disney Owned Pixar, Disney Animation, And A Third Animation Division That Never Made a Movie

Disney's Circle 7 Studio Never made a movie

In the 1990s, Disney Animation Studios was on top of the world. They released hit after hit, including some of the most iconic Disney films ever: Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), and Lion King (1994). But in 1995, Pixar Studios released Toy Story and changed the game. When Disney faced an adversary, they did what they usually do: buy it, which ...

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REVIEW: ‘Elemental’ Is Worth Seeing in Theaters, but for an Unexpected Reason

ember and wade in elemental

The new Pixar movie Elemental is the talk of the town (as is the deceptively upsetting Up short that comes before it). The new film about the four main elements (air, fire, water, and earth) is floundering at the box office so far, with many audience members finding the movie to be charming but not entrancing. However, there is one unexpectedly redeeming quality ...

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Cracker Barrel Accused of Stealing ‘Toy Story’ Intellectual Property

Cracker Barrel Toy Story

Cracker Barrel could potentially find itself in hot water soon with the House of Mouse. The American-themed restaurant chain has had a fair share of disdain directed at it this year. However, no one could have predicted that accusations of stealing Disney’s intellectual property would be on the cards for them in 2023. Disney is notorious for fiercely protecting its ...

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Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Characters Make Their Debut, Meet and Greet Soon?

Ember and Wade Elemental

Walt Disney’s next movie has premiered on the red carpet, and so have its two stars! Pixar’s Elemental characters, Ember and Wade, have made their costumed debut and look fantastic. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until June 16 in the United States. However, you might want to prepare for it to be your child’s next obsession. The odds are high ...

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First Look: Pixar Releases Official Clip of ‘Elemental’

Ember and Wade in Elemental

With the most complex animated character Pixar has ever created lighting up the screen for its brand-new film, will its other elements mix well with audiences? Starring Leah Lewis as Ember Lumen and Mamoudou Athie as Wade Ripple, Pixar’s film Elemental personifies the elements as they converge in Element City for the first time. Fire, water, air, and land each have respective ...

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Pixar’s Most “Complex” Animated Character Ever Lights up the Screen in a Brand-New Film

Ember Elemental

Pixar takes the animation crown when it comes to dreaming up complicated characters that leave their marks on viewers’ minds. From Finding Dory’s camouflaging Septopus, Hank, who took the design team two years to finalize, to the light-emitting Joy from Inside Out, Pixar is no stranger to animation innovation. This time, the personification pros at Pixar have taken on the monumental ...

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Bizarre Clue From Animated Movie Leaves Fans Bewildered


Back in the day, the scene from a movie that Ryan Reynolds blamed for “lifelong trauma” was probably the most famously-upsetting scene from an animated Disney movie — but these days, there is a more modern (and arguably just as upsetting) scene that gets more recognition. The animated Disney and Pixar movie Up, from 2009, has one of the most ...

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Disney’s ‘Toy Story’ was Finally Complete! What Could a Fifth Movie Add?

Toy Story 5 predictions

When Pixar Animation Studios released Toy Story 4 in 2019, the actual Toy Story was finally complete. Kickstarted by studio co-founder and legend John Lassetter before his unceremonious departure and fulfilled by director Josh Cooley, the fourth installment was the necessary epilogue that proved the entire franchise is really about a toy named Woody and his struggles with the duties that ...

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