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Is a Karoll and Luna Disney Pug Movie Really Being Made?

Karoll and Luna Disney

The Walt Disney Company has strived hard to have more diverse casting in its films, but this has not extended to the animal world. Disney has long featured typical popular dog breeds over the course of its existence but rarely ever featured everyone’s favorite pugs in any meaningful spotlight. However, a Karoll and Luna Disney movie poster has started appearing ...

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Is the ‘Imagine if Men’ Disney and Pixar Movie Real?

Imagine if Men Disney

The Walt Disney Company has created some monumental masterpieces over the years. While fans recognize the entertainment studio for its iconic works of art and storytelling, others seem to think the company has gone downhill lately. A recent ‘Imagine if Men’ Disney and Pixar poster appearing online has just fueled the fire. Disney contends with questionable posters appearing online daily, ...

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Is an ‘Among Us’ Disney Movie Being Made by Pixar?

Among Us Disney

The Walt Disney Company has recently dealt with some incredibly effective yet questionable images. These viral posters have set the internet ablaze, convincing people that the company is making certain films. While many have been quite innocent, others have been more volatile. Now, an Among Us Disney movie made by Pixar is starting to get the same popularity, and it’s ...

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Is a Disney Chalino Sánchez Movie Actually in Production with Pixar?

Disney Chalino

Recently, a rumor has been circulating online about a Disney and Pixar film titled “Chalino,” supposedly centered around the life of the iconic Mexican musician Chalino Sánchez. As avid Disney enthusiasts, we at Disney Fanatic feel it’s crucial to address this intriguing poster spreading across social media. While the prospect of a Disney-Pixar collaboration celebrating the life of Chalino Sánchez ...

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Despite Skepticism, Disney’s Troubled Summer Film Achieves Record-Breaking Victory

Elemental streaming success

Pixar’s Elemental was labeled a flop on its opening weekend. All analysts and critics indicated that the film was a dud and another box office disaster for The Walt Disney Company. Despite these claims, the film slowly chugged along in theaters. While it didn’t bring in much money daily, it stayed consistent over its entire summer run. Elemental is now ...

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‘Elemental’ Has a Chance to Prove People Wrong…Again

Elemental streaming release date

Pixar’s Elemental has had a strange journey throughout the past few months. While the title originally seemed dead on arrival, it remained consistent throughout its run, shocking critics and proving many people wrong. As September rolls in, Disney seems to finally be satisfied with the movie’s theatrical run, announcing an Elemental streaming release date confirmed for this month. Elemental‘s Surprising ...

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Disney+ Is Using ‘Elemental’ to Unlearn Pixar Streaming Release Expectations

Elemental streaming release

One sure thing has been established as a normal expectation since Disney+ launched. Every Pixar Studio film released since 2019 has followed the same formula. It either begins its life right away on the streaming platform or appears within a short window of time soon after it comes to theaters. The head of Pixar has even stated that Disney+ has ...

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Disney Boasts About ‘Elemental’ Success, Reveals Record-Breaking Numbers

Pixar elemental movie

In an article entitled “How Pixar’s Elemental Kept Its Fire Burning at the Box Office,” the Walt Disney Company has just sung the praises of Pixar’s newest summertime animated film. Some might actually think that this is not the best time to be boasting or drawing any attention to successful films, since Disney and many other film studios are being ...

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Disney Just “Quietly Canceled” First-Ever Pixar Series Spin-Off

Disney Plus Cancels Win or Lose

For Disney fans who grew up experiencing Walt Disney’s hand-drawn animated magic, it was hard to imagine how the Walt Disney Company could duplicate the success of classics like Snow White (1938) and Bambi (1942). But when the first Pixar film enthralled viewers of all ages with the iconic Toy Story in 1995, longtime Disney fans could see the direction for future ...

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