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CONFIRMED: ‘Inside Out 2’ Is Coming Soon

inside out 2

Here at Disney Fanatic, we keep a sharp eye on Disney news (especially during big events like the 2022 D23 Expo, which is happening this weekend) — and we are happy to report that the rumors of Inside Out 2 that we had shared earlier this summer were correct! The Inside Out sequel is officially happening! Amy Poehler, who played the emotion Joy in ...

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Looks Like Boo from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ has a Real Name

Boo from Monsters Inc Real Name

In 2001, Pixar took us through the closet door to the world of monsters via its feature film, Monsters, Inc., and somehow got us all to fall in love with a little girl called “Boo.” While she was undoubtedly adorable, “Boo” did not say many coherent things beyond “Kitty,” “Mike Wazowski,” and “Boo.” This meant that Mike, Sully, and movie ...

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Disgraced Pixar Founder Seeks New ‘Luck’ with Apple TV+

New John Lasseter Movie

Pixar co-founder and former CCO of Walt Disney Animation Studios, John Lassetter, is back with a new animated feature-length film that promises to be fun for the whole family. But he is doing so completely outside of the Disney corporate bubble. Instead, he was asked to helm Skydance Animation’s first feature-length film, Luck, and it is finally set to be ...

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Disney Reportedly Approves ‘Inside Out’ Sequel

inside out

One of fans’ favorite Pixar Animation Studios movies, the 2015 animated movie Inside Out, is supposedly getting a sequel! A report has been shared that suggests the Walt Disney Company has begun working with Pixar on Inside Out 2! If this report is to be believed, then Inside Out 2 will focus on the protagonist, Riley, and her teenage years as she ...

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‘Lightyear’ Is Arriving Early on Disney+


As usual, summer has been full of blockbuster hits so far — and Lightyear has been Pixar Animation Studio’s addition to the summer collection of theatrical releases. If you already saw the new Pixar movie and Toy Story prequel Lightyear, which stars Marvel actor and Disney fanatic Chris Evans, then let us know on Facebook if you liked it; if you haven’t seen it yet ...

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‘Lightyear’ Director Mad at Fans for Box Office Performance, Blames ‘Trolls’ for Ratings.

Lightyear director

As Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear continues its theatrical run, it continues to hold the unfortunate dissonance of simultaneously holding decently high ratings and downtrodden ticket sales. It seems that the Lightyear director Angus MacLane has broken his silence on the matter over the past week. Beginning on July 1, he said, “Just had a look at the number. The ratings for LIGHTYEAR are ...

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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage’s Return Date Is Announced

finding nemo submarine voyage

The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is coming back for Disney Guests visiting Disneyland Resort in California!  The Disney Parks Blog has revealed not only a return date for the popular Disneyland experience inspired by the popular 2003 Pixar film Finding Nemo, but also a behind-the-scenes look at the attraction that will apparently “be bigger, brighter, and better than ever”! Finding Nemo ...

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Chris Evans Releases His Inner Disney Fanatic

chris evans

Boston-bred actor Chris Evans is best known for playing one of the leading Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the successful actor has recently headed into space for a different reason — and he has just given D23 (the Official Disney Fan Club) the scoop on his new astronaut-focused film, revealing his inner Disney fanatic in the process! The Knives ...

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‘New’ Buzz Lightyear Spotted at Tomorrowland Meet and Greet

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear was spotted in Tomorrowland, but he looked a little different. In celebration of the theatrical release of Disney/Pixar’s latest feature film, Lightyear, it appears that Disney Parks decided to update the Space Ranger’s presence in Disneyland Park to the movie, replacing the “masked” toy character with a face character. A video posted to Instagram by @disney_hype_beast_80 shows the Space ...

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Fans Celebrate ‘Lightyear’ Star’s Birthday

chris evans lightyear captain america

Boston-born actor Chris Evans is best known by Marvel and Disney fans for his role as Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) in the Captain America movies and the Avengers movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since his last movie as Steve Rogers and Captain America, the actor has not done much with Disney or Marvel — but now Chris Evans is back in ...

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