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OpEd: Disney LGBTQ+ Inclusion Efforts Need New Content, NOT Classic IPs

Disney Movie Gay Scenes

So, it appears that Disney bosses will allow a same-sex kiss to be included in the final cut of Pixar Animation Studios’ highly-anticipated upcoming feature, Lightyear. Considering the news comes after CEO Bob Chapek was grilled for not being sufficiently outspoken against Florida legislation than a very vocal contingent, the decision was viewed by some to be a pandering play to ...

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Is Pixar Done with This Fan-Favorite Movie Tradition?

Pixar John Ratzenberger Tradition

From the release of Toy Story through Onward, every one of Pixar Animation Studios’ feature films had one thing in common: the voice of actor John Ratzenberger. It was known as “The Ratzenberger Tradition.” The former Cheers star was cast in a speaking role or cameo of varying size, starting as the Piggie Bank Hamm alongside Tom Hanks‘ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz ...

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Pixar, Porsche Partner on Street-Legal ‘Sally’

Pixar Animation Studios is teaming up with Porsche to create a one-of-a-kind, street-legal version of one of the iconic characters from the Disney and Pixar hit animated film, Cars (2006). The real-life version of Sally, the memorable blue Porsche that befriends Lightning McQueen while in Radiator Springs, is already in the design stages with artists and engineers from Pixar and ...

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Videos from Amazing Creators for Every Disney Fan

There is no shortage of official Disney content from Walt Disney Studios and Disney Parks Blog on social media and entertainment platforms like YouTube. But there are also creative, hardworking commentators and creators who make content about Disney independently. These are just a few of these creators who make this kind of content all the time and rely on viewers ...

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Pixar Animator Discusses Giulia from ‘Luca’

luca pixar giulia

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, animation supervisor Mike Venturini shared some insight into the character design behind Giulia, one of the main characters in the Oscar-nominated Pixar movie Luca from 2021! In this Disney and Pixar animated film set on the Italian Riviera, sea monsters Luca and Alberto meet Giulia (who is voiced by Emma Berman) while they ...

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‘Turning Red’ Merchandise Is Released

turning red merchandise

Becca Goldenberg, a Communications Specialist for Disney Parks Experiences and Products, shared on the Disney Parks Blog that merchandise for Turning Red (the new Pixar animated film that is “a coming-of-age tale like none you’ve ever seen”) is now available in tandem with its release on Disney+! The Pixar movie follows a 13-year-old girl named Meilin Lee, who is also known ...

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The 10 Most Hauntingly Beautiful Pieces From Disney Movie Scores

Disney Composers

Every Disney fan knows the names and lyrics of the classic Disney songs from countless re-watches and singalongs. But there are just as many amazing pieces of instrumental music from Disney classics. So, I decided to share some beautiful scores that you may not know the names of, some instrumental covers, and the faces of those behind the mysterious composures. ...

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‘Turning Red’ Review: Every Boy Needs to Watch This Movie!

Turning Red Movie

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS On March 11, Pixar Animation Studios’ latest feature film Turning Red was released on Disney+ for no additional cost. A Friday morning living room viewing replaced the traditional midnight premiere, and I have to say: Disney made the right call. Disney/Pixar’s Turning Red proves what Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek has been saying for a ...

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