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“Adolescent Chaos”: Pixar Animator Discusses ‘Turning Red’


The new Pixar movie Turning Red will be streaming on Disney+ on March 11, and one of the animators who worked on the main character Mei Lee has revealed what he and his fellow Pixar animators used to make Mei’s red panda self as realistic as possible! The answer? Cat videos! “We were watching videos trying to capture the shapes and silhouettes ...

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A Look Back at the Iconic Females Who Played a Crucial Role in Disney History

Alice Davis

From even its earliest days, the Walt Disney Company has relied on the assistance of talented and innovative women, many of whom went on to play very vital roles throughout the company’s developmental history. From the trailblazing ladies of the Ink & Paint team who set new standards in animation via artistic attributes, to the creative designers and brilliant, innovative ...

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‘Turning Red’ Arrives at Disney Parks & Disney Cruise Line

Turning Red Photo Op

Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red will begin streaming on Disney+ beginning March 11, 2022. Ahead of the film’s streaming release, Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line are offering special menu items, merchandise, and sneak peeks at the latest Disney coming of age story. Sneak Peaks Guests visiting both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney Cruise Line will be treated to sneak ...

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‘Turning Red’ Praised for ‘Efficiency’ – What Could That Mean for Film’s Quality?

Turning Red

Pixar’s upcoming film Turning Red has just been named one of the most efficiently made animated films from the studio. “People who work well together wanted to work with other people that they like,” said Pixar CCO and longtime filmmaker Pete Docter. “They were not only all-female, but it was probably the most efficient film we’ve’ ever made. They were really ...

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EPCOT’s “The Soul of Jazz” Exhibition Opens at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem

The Soul of Jazz

A recent exhibition from EPCOT’s World Showcase is now traveling across the country, and its next stop is New York City! “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” was first displayed for Guests visiting the American Adventure pavilion in World Showcase throughout 2021, and since its departure from the park, the exhibit has already visited New Orleans and Kansas City. ...

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Disney and Marvel Movies Head to the Oscars

As awards season has continued, the Disney movies or Pixar movies that have been taking the lead are the 2021 movies Encanto, Cruella, Luca, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings. Now that the nominations for the 94th Academy Awards were just announced, we know that Encanto, Cruella, and Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings are all in the running ...

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Video: New Buzz Lightyear Movie Trailer Reveals Emperor Zurg

Lightyear Movie

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, Disney and Pixar released a new trailer for its upcoming animated film, Lightyear. And we can just about confirm that the origin story of everybody’s favorite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, will feature the Evil Emperor Zurg as the film’s chief antagonist! Check it out: A Closer Look at Chris Evans’ Buzz Voice, Other Characters The ...

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