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The Beloved Disney World Experiences Ended For ‘Good Reasons’

Discontinued Feature

There is an old saying that all good things must come to an end. While we’d like to believe that the magical experiences to be had at Walt Disney World are all exempt from this concept, we all know better. We’ve seen it firsthand when one of our favorite attractions closes or a highly enjoyable non-attraction offering becomes defunct. That’s ...

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Miss Pleasure Island? For $15,000 You Can Add This Original Funmeister Sign to Your Collection!

Pleasure Island was an exclusive nightlife district located in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) at the Walt Disney World Resort for a number of years. Open from 1989-2008, Pleasure Island offered Guests 21 and over (and sometimes 18+) nightlife and entertainment right by Walt Disney World theme parks and resorts. The icon of Pleasure Island, the Funmeister, or Moon Man ...

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