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Disney Shares Glimpses of Characters in Revamped ‘Fantasmic!’ Show

fantasmic moana mulan

Disney fans have eagerly been awaiting any news about the return of the Fantasmic! nighttime show that has become a Disney staple for many Walt Disney World Resort and Hollywood Studios Guests on their Disney vacations. Bit by bit, we have learned about the new show’s return date (which is November 3) and some new additions to the show’s line-up ...

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‘Pocahontas’: When Disney Fans’ Cries for Authenticity Worked (Kinda)

Disney Pocahontas

The year was 1995, and the Peter Schneider-led Walt Disney Animation Studios Team released its latest feature-length musical, Pocahontas.  Inspired by the historical events of John Smith’s work in establishing England’s Jamestown Colony in what would become known as Virginia, Disney’s Pocahontas was Disney Animation’s first musical take on American history. But it was also one of the most controversial films ...

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‘Pocahontas’ Star Irene Bedard Arrested

pocahontas star arrested

In a sad update, Irene Bedard, the voice behind Pocahontas in Disney’s animated feature film, was arrested last Friday. Disney stars are often in the spotlight for not-so-great reasons, and this recent report of the Pocahontas star is much the same. Bedard was arrested in Greene County, Ohio, for disorderly conduct—the arrest report is not pretty. According to a police ...

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These Are the Disney Pets We Wish We Owned


Throughout various works in Walt Disney Entertainment we’ve seen loyal, companionable demonstrations of love and mutual appreciation between various characters and their pets. Some relationships take on a more peer-to-peer dynamic of mutual respectability, like the bond we see between Pocahontas and her animal friends. Then there are situations in which animals are actually the caretakers of humans, as is ...

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New World Discoveries, an Appreciation for Nature, and Forbidden Romance: Why Watching Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ This Weekend Is the Ultimate Family-Friendly Way to Reignite Appreciation for Bucolic Beauty and Respect for Cultural Diversity


There’s a lot going on this Earth Day Weekend. With springtime blooming into abundance across North America, many families are also feeling a renewed, invigorating desire to get back to nature and rediscover the unbridled wild wonders of the world. But with the season still being young, schools still being in session, and weather patterns still throwing out unpredictable curve ...

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Former Disney Princess Campaigns for Movie Role

jasmine cast member

Becoming a Disney princess or face character in a Disney Resort is tough; Cast Members need to have attractive but “forgettable” faces, meet lots of audition requirements, and handle lots of difficult Guest interactions. However, being a Disney princess can also give you a lot of invaluable and in-depth acting experience, and one “retired Disney princess” from Disney World is ...

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‘Turning Red’ & ‘Encanto’ – When Did Disney Get Such Bad Mommy Issues?

Disney Moms

If there is one thing Disney’s latest animated features have in common, it is their evident display of mommy issues. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto and Pixar Animation Studios’ Turning Red share stories where the protagonist’s chief issue is the tension she and others have with a motherly figure. Mirabel–and to some extent her whole family–with her Abuela, and Meilin Lee ...

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12 Playlists Fit For a Princess to Listen to Now

Like many of you awesome Disney Fanatics, I know the words of all the Disney Princess songs you could think of and have sung them a thousand times. I’ve wholeheartedly whistled while I worked at school, posed at the edge of a poolside wishing I was part of Ariel’s world, imagined painting with the “Colors of the Wind” with Pocahontas, ...

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List: Every Disney Star Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

For over 30 years, People magazine has been documenting the world’s “Sexiest Man Alive” on the cover of its yearly special issue. Despite what the title might imply, the honor is not attained by a perennial Hunger Games-style arena fight with past winners where the last man standing is, in fact, the “Sexiest Man Alive.” Instead, we are treated to the ...

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