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Disney Celebrity Personally Explains Her Arrest

Abigail Disney

Disney heiress Abigail Disney (the great-niece of Walt Disney, the creator of the Walt Disney Company) was recently arrested during a protest focused on the damage that private airplanes wreak on the climate. Now, the Disney celebrity is sharing her take on the arrest and the protest in an op-ed from The Guardian! Disney (who relinquished a large portion of her ...

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Guests Reflect on Shocking Park Conditions After Recent Protest

disneyland paris protests

It is no secret that Disney Resort Guests and Disney Park Guests seem to be more and more disillusioned these days when it comes to Disney magic — but unfortunately for Disney, it looks like that discontent has led to tangible damage and disrepair on an international scale! Security has been enhanced at the Resort’s checkpoints due to potential demonstrations ...

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Protesters Rally Outside Disney HQ, Cast Member Calls Hidden Peers to ‘Be Bold’

Protest at Disney

A large protest has gathered outside Walt Disney Company Headquarters in Burbank, Southern California. Fans, parents, and Disney employees assembled at the front gate to take a stand against the company’s direction, which they describe, among other things, as woke, far-left, and anti-parent. Journalist Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) was on-scene the morning of April 6 and took to Twitter to spread ...

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