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Disney Guest Nearly Beaks Neck in Failed Parking Lot Stunt

Disneyland Guest Stunt Fail

It seems no Disney day is complete anymore without some kind of tomfoolery from some Guests. This time, it appears that we have made it out of the Parks and all the way to the parking garage before giving in to the temptation. Over at the Disneyland Resort, one Guest decided to try and do an alcohol-induced backflip but completing ...

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Disney Villains Post to Reddit: r/AmITheVillian

The popular site Reddit is a place where anybody can post, thoughts, finds, and questions. A place for those who have been put in a place where they are forced to question whether or not they are morally in the right to pose that question to the public. Or, as the forum states: A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher ...

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